How Comparison Isn’t Always Bad

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In a world that is very heavily influenced by what you see on social media, it is so easy to sit there and compare yourself to others. I remember years ago when Instagram first started taking off people were preaching that Instagram is more of a “highlight reel” than real life. You have to remember people only share the best parts of their lives on Instagram. But recently I have been loving that more and more content creators are sharing the more vulnerable sides of their lives. But it’s still easy to fall victim to scrolling the app and feeling like your life and your appearance is less than others.

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I had a very busy weekend from concerts to content creator networking events, I met so many incredible and driven people. But even then as I’m following back and connecting with others I still felt that twinge of why can’t I look like that, have content/clothes or brand collaborations like this. But instead of giving in to those negative feelings I like to channel them into inspiration, and motivation to push myself to do more. I don’t like to rip peoples idea’s off. When you start creating content to look exactly like someone else’s it comes off as inauthentic. Instead, I like to take those inspirations and mold them into my own creations. Then my personality and voice can shine and I’m still creating something new and exciting.

I also believe you don’t have to follow people that don’t inspire and motivate you. I’ve talked about having a healthy relationship with social media before and I think the mute button was such a great feature, I also think you shouldn’t be ashamed to completely unfollow people who don’t inspire you. I’m so drawn to positive and creative minds that I don’t have time for people who judge others.

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Having a healthy relationship with competition isn’t easy. It takes time and confidence in yourself. But it can totally be achieved with a little switch of your mindset focusing on your passions and your creativity and less on what others are doing for success. No two paths to success are the sameā€¦

I want to know who inspires you most? From content creators to people in your family. Let me know!


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