Off The Runway – How Designers are Creating More Ready to Wear Looks

I look forward to fashion month every year, I find myself being most inspired after seeing all the runway shows and trends for the following year. Getting to attend New York Fashion Week a few years ago was a dream come true but as I’ve followed fashion month for some time now it was usually a very grandiose event with dress trains miles long and embellishments that would rival the queen’s jewelry collection, it never felt like a full look I could see myself walking out of the show wearing and often spotting trends to bring to the street was often very difficult and was hidden in the theatrics of the runway.

Fashion Week originated in Paris with fashion house marketers paying women to wear the latest designs out to the racetrack or other posh events to then influence others to purchase the styles. As fashion week expanded into other cities from Milan in 1958 to London in 1984 it sort of felt like each fashion house needed to outdo the next to stand out and be noticed. But they started to lose their wearability.

But I’ve noticed in the last few years fashion week has taken a 180 and created a more approachable runway shows from huge fashion houses like Dior and Versace to even allowing brands like H&M and Topshop in on the festivities. My favorite and honestly the most memorable runway shows for me are the ones I could see myself wearing every day. I can always count on designers like Chloe, Zimmerman, Rebecca Minkoff, Marc Jacobs, and Tommy Hilfiger to great stunning runway shows start to finish that you could also wear the next day.

As I’ve thought about what might be influencing this change in trend I have to bring it around to influencers and bloggers. Every year more and more of the frow is filled with online celebrities and fewer actors and musicians. These people make their careers in the fashion industry and designers know it is in their best interest not only to invite them to report on their show but to also have them seen in their designs. Bloggers like Victoria McGrath, Danielle Bernstein, and Leonie Hanne can be found in magazines like Vogue and on online publications running to their next fashion month event in a stunning designer look.

These influencer’s Instagram feeds are honestly what I look forward to most during fashion month because not only do they give me an inside look into the front row of my favorite designers but their feed is also flooded with beautiful outfits I can easily recreate with either high street pieces or buy right from the designer. I get all my inspiration from saved photos of these content creators and it helps me figure out what pieces to invest in for next season.

As fashion week becomes more attainable to the average fashion lover the styles featured also should. So that’s why I love that designers have taken this queue and created more wearable fashion. Even large fashion houses like Saint Laurent and Dior are creating pieces that could be styled in an everyday manner. And that’s why my love of excitement for fashion month ever year will never change.


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