How I Found My Confidence

I’m a girl that has lived her whole life by the rule “fake it til you make it.” With fashion, I always say if you feel self-conscious in an outfit just wear it like a runway model and no one will notice. I’ve never been a truly confident person and have always nitpicked by body wishing I was taller, thinner, less blonde, had a different smile…what have you. Even in relationships, I have always second-guessed myself. “Am I worthy?” Up until now, all these internal struggles plagued me but I think there have been a few hurdles in my life that have brought me true confidence. It’s exciting and new and I really feel like my life has gained clarity in some way.


Blogging has been a huge asset to my ever-growing confidence. I read more How to articles, and as I learn and grow in this industry I feel like my specialized knowledge is a way to set myself apart. When you stop focusing on the likes and creating content for the masses and focus on your friends and community you personally have created you can take that high-level view of everything you’ve accomplished. Sharing these more personal posts and being vulnerable with you is what helps me wash away my insecurities in ways.


Sort of on the topic of blogging photoshoots have also given me tremendous confidence but this has been a very long and bumpy road. Even if you aren’t a Blogger or Content Creator I implore you to go out and do photoshoots. Even with your girlfriends (or boyfriends, shout out to all those Instagram Husbands out there), or I honestly can’t suggest hiring a professional more. Going out and shooting a few times a month in public places has really helped me gain confidence in not only the work I am doing with my blog by in my physical appearance.

Working with Paige, Chloe, Bianca, and Nando has been such a fulfilling experience. These incredible individuals I can not only say are some of the most creative and inspiring people but they are such amazing friends. Going out with a concept and shooting take after take to get that perfect shot and seeing your ideas come to life are so rewarding. Going out with a friend to shoot pictures is the best way to just forget the world around you. If that Scrub’s “hangin’ out the passenger side of his best friend’s ride trying to holla at me” I don’t even notice him. When you go out and take pictures in public you start to focus on the art you’re trying to create and less on what others think of you.

Moving and Exploring a New City

Another life milestone that has forever changed my confidence is moving here to Chicago. I have my sister in the city but I really moved here alone, I didn’t have friends, I wasn’t overly familiar with the city and I was living alone. When I moved to Syracuse it was such a different experience, I hated being by myself. The idea of going back to my apartment to sit along terrified me. I think I escalated relationships that ultimately lead to their demise. This time around I have welcomed the alone time filling it with fun chores and activities that focus on my mental health. I’m also not afraid to do things alone anymore. I love going for a stroll in a new neighborhood or taking myself downtown for a bit of shopping. Concerts are also a lot easier to do solo with my new found confidence. Knowing that you are strong and capable of living on your own is the best way to know you’re ready to let someone else into your life.

Work Out Classes

This one might seem a little vain, but taking group workout classes have helped my confidence in my appearance tremendously. Feeling motivated by the people around you and setting that time each day to focus on you is great. I was never good about going to the gym the motivation was never there but with these classes, the door is closed and you can’t escape until it’s over. With these classes, I stopped comparing myself to others around me and focused on perfecting my own form. I’m also so lucky to have found a studio with the most incredible instructors that preach positivity and inner focus. I have never felt so confident in my own skin and happy with my physical appearance in my entire life and I definitely owe it to Jennifer Le Vine for all her amazing classes. So I encourage you to find a place to work out where you connect on a different level with the instructors. Find a place you leave feeling like you can take on the world. It took me so many months of searching before I found Zen Yoga Garage and its incredible team.

After years of fighting to feel confident in my own skin to walk down the street with my head held high and not have to “fake it til I make it” I think I’ve finally figured it out. You don’t have to do it completely alone, always remember the positive people around you are there to lift you up and keep you moving forward. So I feel like I need to take a minute to thank you all for helping me build my confidence. Make sure you follow all the amazing people I mentioned above they truly bring so much joy to my life.


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