How To Dress On A Hot Summer Day

There’s something about the summer… the sun, the sand, the adventures. I am honestly so sad to think it’s the middle of July already.  We have had some serious scorchers here in Chicago lately it’s hot and humid and doesn’t feel like there’s an end in sight.  But instead of sweating use these tips to be stylish and just a bit more comfortable.

Light Fabrics

Of course, this is a given but in the summertime you want your clothes to breath, there’s nothing more refreshing than we a light breeze comes through and you want to make sure your clothes allow that air to get to your skin.  You want your clothes to be predominantly cotton to make sure it’s breathable.  My other favorite fabric in the summer is linen.  I love a beautiful linen dress with a pair of mules and a straw hat for a day in the city.

Swimsuit As A Bodysuit

This is such a great summer hack.  I love throwing a one piece on and pretending it’s a bodysuit.  Not only are they incredibly flattering because they are designed to stand alone and make your body look slim and long but they are also fantastic for transitional day to night outfits.  Head to the beach for the day and then keep those salt swept locks loose, throw on a pair of shorts and heels and you’re good for a night on the town.

Loose-fitting Clothes

When it’s hot and humid the last thing you want is for your clothes to be clinging to you.  So this is the season to embrace a more bohemian style with loose tunics, and maxi dresses, I am also a huge fan of the slip dress trend, they give you a fantastic silhouette while also letting your skin breath.


For footwear the easier the better.  I find myself barefoot as often as I can be in the summer time and really can’t be bothered to tie or buckle my shoes while I’m on the go so that’s why this is the season of slides.  Mules, sandals, heels or flats.  You can get an easy slide on shoes in any style.  I love dressing up my Birkenstocks with a cute basic dress or wearing a pair of heeled mules with the same look for an evening out.

Open Back

Summertime is the season to free the nipples! So what better way to support the movement than to go braless with a cute backless top or dress.  I love cutouts and low cut backs for a cute day out look or of course dressed up for the evening.

Flowy Skirts

Along with loose silhouettes like the slip dress a flowy skirt is also a great piece to throw on on a humid day.  Right now the midi style still reigns and there are some beautiful floral or bright colored skirts out there to pair with some slides and a basic top for the perfect summer uniform.


Repeat after me, patterns are my friend.  Stick to a fun pattern or light color to fight against sweat stains… I know we’re getting real right now.  It’s not the most glamorous, but its the truth.  If you’re out on a hot day light colors don’t absorb the suns rays the way dark colors do and patterns with help the sweat stains blend in.

What is your summer uniform?




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