How to Fight a Fashion Funk

It feels like just when the last of the snow melts we get another layer, I don’t know about you but I have been feeling those winter blues lately. Now as a girl who spent quite a few years in Upstate New York I am used to long harsh winters but it feels like this midwest winter is never going to end. I keep trying to remind myself that spring is almost over (yay daylight savings is Sunday!) But even with that tiny light at the end of the tunnel I have been feeling so uninspired by fashion lately. Even Fashion Month which is coming to a close didn’t inspire me the way it has in the paste. I loved how wearable the Dior collection is and how of course Olivier Rousteing always creates such beautiful designs that are mesmerizing.

My goals at the beginning of the year were to 1. get dressed every day and 2. get dressed up for the office. I have to be honest, I have barely done either. I have been living in my favorite Lululemon leggings instead of exploring the beautiful pieces I know live in my closets. So if you’re feeling the same way here are my tips for fighting this fashion funk and getting inspired for spring.


This fall and winter have been all about the accessories and I don’t see this trend coming to an end. In particular hair accessories, are all the rage, from headbands to hair clips, scarves and hats dress up any casual look with an accessory and it elevates immediately.

Pinterest and Hashtags

If I’m not standing in my closet for more than 5 minutes staring at my clothes I take to social media for some help. I love Pinterest and Instagram for outfit inspiration. I have Pinterest boards for each season that I save my favorite looks. When I’m scrolling in the evening or whatnot if I catch a look that reminds me of a piece in my own closet I will save it to the respective seasonal board. If there are looks I love and need pieces to recreate they will go in a separate board. For Instagram, I have done something similar with their save function. If I see an outfit that is totally inspiring I will save it to a fashion group and scroll those when I need a little help getting dressed. But to find those outfits I follow some hashtags that give me outfit results some include #stylediaries #ltkstyle #stylejunkie #outfitinspo. Try it out, use the suggested popular hashtags to find some you enjoy and follow them, then the inspiration will find you!

Sort by Seasons

Much like my Pinterest boards, my closet is also sorted by seasons. If you have the room or the storage the ultimate tip is to remove any pieces that aren’t seasonally appropriate that way it limits your options and makes you focus on what you have. But if you are like me and can’t really box up all my summer clothes I like the organize my drawers and closets by season. My dresses are hung in an order of sleeve and skirt length and my dresser has shirts by sleeve length. I can go down to my long sleeve and light sweater drawer if I’m looking for that type of outfit really easy and not have to dig through my tank tops.


This particular tip is geared more toward the current weather but layers are your friend. For one, if your office is anything like mine it is a million degrees in the winter so if you decide to brave the negative temperatures you’re bundled up in a cozy sweater and by noon you’re drenched in sweat. If I’m feeling uninspired by my winter wardrobe I will most into my spring pieces that call to me. Weather permitting I’ll through tights under a dress or pair of shorts and pair it with a chunky sweater, or my favorite summer maxi with a cropped sweater and booties. Play with pieces you haven’t touched and transform them for a fun challenge.

Choose Your Outfits in Advance

I’ve mentioned this tip before, I call it my 8 Hour Rule but picking your outfit the night before not only helps with your fashion funk to prepare ahead but it will also cuts down on your morning routine. More times that I’d like to admit I have thought of an outfit or found a Pinterest inspiration than when I tried to put it together in the morning it is definitely not how I imagined. After you’ve done your nightly routine before you crawl into bed pull out and put on your outfit idea for the next day. Then you know what it’s going to look like and you can focus on other things the next morning like enjoying your cup of coffee or a quick meditation.

So this week I am challenging you to also find your inspiration and share your outfits. Starting tomorrow use the hashtag #DailyDollface and share your outfit looks with me! I’ll be sharing my looks all week on Instagram Stories and hopefully can help inspire you!

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