How to Fight the Sunday Scaries

That impending doom feeling you feel in your chest knowing you blinked and Sunday is almost over. The stress you feel looking at your to-do list and home in disarray… This feeling is commonly known as the Sunday Scaries and I know I feel them all too frequently. But when I changed my weekend mindset and changed my routine just a little bit I banished those scaries for good.

Prep on Friday

Instead of loading all your weekly tasks like laundry, vacuuming and deep cleaning my house on Sunday I have strategically planned my week with a task or two each day, so by Saturday I’m just watering my plants and Sunday I can relax and food shop. By spreading out my chores throughout the week I don’t have to spend my entire weekend cleaning and have more time to binge-watch Veronica Mars… or do other incredibly important activities.

Make a To-do List for Monday

If you know me then you know I have a fondness for creating lists. Even my todo lists have lists. So on Monday, I like to create my Monday to-do list and outline my week with chores and my workout classes and if there are any other important activities I may have going on for the week. That way I can make sure I’m not overbooking myself and still have time to keep my home in tip-top shape.

Plan Some Fun

Your weekend should be a time to spend time doing the things you want to do. Make sure you plan some time to do something fun. Go to the Farmer’s Market, spend the day at the beach with a friend, or take a long walk through your neighborhood. You should enjoy your weekends and when you work all day every day you will definitely end up burning yourself out.

Treat Your Weekend Like a Mini Vacation

To the point above, when you change your mindset about weekends to a time to recharge and relax when Monday Morning rolls around you actually can feel rejuvenated and ready to start your workweek. I love taking the weekend to do everything I love. I have even turned my weekend into photoshoot days and days to look for inspiration for blog posts and photoshoots. This is truly a hobby that not only do I want to make a profession but it’s also something that makes me immensely happy so it feels like a great escape from my day to day life. Instead of pouring over articles about the Instagram algorithm shutters or how to monetize your blog I take my weekend time to do all the fun stuff, the creative stuff and the things I love about blogging.

Completely Unplug from Work on the Weekends

This can often be so difficult, and as I pointed out in the last tip, I love blogging on the weekends so this requires me to be plugged in and on the internet. So instead of unplugging in the literal sense, I like to look at this as an unplug from your nine to five. Turn off your work email. If you have to hide your email app so you aren’t tempted to check your work to-dos. After you’re finished with work on Friday be completely present in your weekend plans. What needs to be done on Monday can wait until Monday. When we are constantly worried about those weekday tasks we can’t actually enjoy our free time.

Do Something for You Sunday Night

Finally, end your day on a big positive. Think about it as when people ask you “What did you do this weekend?” You can at least tell them your Sunday plans. Enjoy an evening in with Ben, Jerry and your favorite movie, or maybe try a new restaurant in your neighborhood. As I’ve said my favorite date night with Mike is Jazz on Sunday at the Green Mill. It’s the best way to relax and enjoy some time with my favorite guy.

Keeping your mind present and on activities you love are the best way to kiss those Sunday Scaries goodbye. How do you fight the Sunday Scaries?


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