How to Pick a Personal Uniform

Steven Jobs, Hilary Clinton, Karl Lagerfeld, and Hayley Bieber. Do you know what all of these individuals have in common? They all have a personal uniform. This is a formula they stick to when choosing, or having their stylist choose their outfits. I don’t know if you’re anything like me but getting dressed in the morning is probably the hardest thing in my day.

Why Should I create a personal uniform?
Well, again if you’re like me and have a hard time getting ready in the morning a personal uniform can be your best friend. I don’t know if I’m alone but there is about a week every single month that I absolutely hate my entire wardrobe and can “never find anything to wear” bless the souls of all the patient men in my life who have waited an extra hour watching me try on at least 10 different outfits before heading out to a bar or dinner. If I had created a personal uniform for myself I could use that formula to create an outfit without thinking.

What is a personal uniform?

Your personal uniform should be your “go-to” look, an outfit or formula for an outfit that you know flatters your figure and you know you look cool and confident in. Hailey Beiber is a great example of using a similar formula to create an effortless look for any occasion. She uses layers and a loose fit to add a more laid-back vibe. Many of Ms. Beiber’s looks revolve around an oversized blazer or jacket and a pair of loose-fit straight-leg pants. These pants can be leather, denim, or slacks, she pairs them with a cropped top of some kind or a bralette and then finishes off the look with a slightly oversized blazer. With this combination, you have endless options.

To identify what your go-to outfit is or identify the combinations you tend to put together and feel most confident in, photograph your outfits for 2 weeks. When photographing all your outfits also do a little outfit journal at the end of the day and note how you felt in each outfit. Then at the end of the two weeks take a look back at the outfits and see what outfits you felt best in and look for similarities between those outfits.  

I also think one of the most important things about personal style is also understanding your body and knowing the styles that flatter you most. Being a petite woman with long legs and narrow shoulders I don’t feel confident in many trends my vertically gifted ladies can rock. A few questions that are great to ask yourself when identifying your uniform are:

  • What basic silhouette do I feel best in?
  • What colors do I love to wear? 
  • What fabrics do I feel the most comfortable in? 
  • What brands do I gravitate towards? 

When you can identify a few things like fabrics and silhouettes you can then look for more brands that fit your personal aesthetic best. I personally gravitate toward timeless silhouettes that are loose and boho yet figure-skimming to give me a bit more curves since I tend to look pretty boxy. Also, being petite hems and length of pieces like skirts and dresses I tend to focus on maxi or mini items since midi length can often be a bit too long and make me look shorter. I feel more comfortable in neutral colors but also love bright and bold colors. For my uniform, I lean more toward neutrals and weave in color when appropriate.

A personal uniform is something we all inherently create without knowing. Focus on flattering fits you gravitate toward and the clothes you feel most comfortable in and then buy all the pieces in that style. When you create a personal uniform you know you’ll always look good and it saves you valuable time in the morning. Who is your favorite celebrity with a personal uniform?


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