How To Prepare For a Photoshoot

Lately, I’ve been feeling so inspired to create fun and unique photoshoots. My last shoot with Chloe at the beautiful Eleven Eleven restaurant in Fulton Market was the shoot that helped change my mindset on photoshoots. I used to think of my photo content as just simple ways to show off my outfits my go-to location was a street in my neighborhood because it was quick and easy and we could get them done. But recently I’ve loved creating new concepts and using more creative locations to capture more exciting photos. I still try to highlight my looks but now in a fresh way. This new level of creativity I have also comes with a lot more planning I’ve learned how to come up with new concepts and still shoot quickly and seamlessly.

Connect With Your Photographer

I know I am such a lucky girl to know such incredible photographers. I have hunted for years for people to push me out of my comfort zone and to create fun content with. Working with Paige, Bianca, Nando, and Chloe has been such a breath of fresh air to my content and push me to be more creative. Before a shoot, we will either get together or chat on Instagram about ideas we’re thinking about. With my last shoot with Chloe, I wanted to create a really strong, sexy look with a very masculine space. I had the basic of the outfit in mind and be brainstormed potential location ideas to go to until I stumbled upon Eleven Eleven. In our last meeting, we also thought ahead to fall and what we might want to do for upcoming shoots later in the year. Having a basic blueprint of what kind of shoots I want to do is a great way to keep planning and stay creative. With Bianca, we have been doing a photo challenge so we have a theme to work with and we bounce ideas off each other to create fun and unique ideas. I love working with all of these incredible photographers and we all communicate and share inspiration constantly to keep new ideas flowing.

Plan Outfits Ahead

This is one thing I have to be honest that I’m not the best at. I try to pick a theme or location ahead of time but the outfit oftentimes is left to last minute. I’m constantly looking for outfit ideas on Instagram and Pinterest. I save photos to boards that I want to remember and then when it’s time to plan a shoot I will screenshot these ideas to have them at the forefront and accessible when I’m planning my looks. After the outfit is complete from accessories to shoes I take a picture of myself in the mirror to make sure I know everything I need to bring along and what I want to look like so I don’t forget anything on shoot day. From there I can pack everything away on the shoot day in a bag to take along with me to make outfit changes run smoothly. My photoshoots are usually two outfits but can sometimes include 3 or 4 looks. With so many pieces to incorporate in a look, things can sometimes be forgotten, these photos also help me remember what accessories I picked for what look and do almost a quick run through to make sure everything is what I had in my head.

Bring Your Inspirations

Along with my outfit photos, I also make sure my inspiration photos are readily available while we’re on location. This helps us keep the idea in mind and also really helps me come with pose ideas. I think having these photos keeps the shoot running smoothly.

Being prepared is the hardest part of shooting but when the finished product comes out it is the most rewarding feeling. How do you prepare for a photoshoot?


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