How to Take Care of Long Distance Friendships with Basic Invite

This is my first holiday season of being so far from loved ones. All my life even through college there wasn’t a holiday I would miss. My parents even changed up our Thanksgiving traditions as a way for me to still participate. I am so eternally grateful for having the opportunity to spend time with loved ones around the holidays and it reminds me that you have to put in a little extra work for the important ones in your life

You Can’t Treat Every Relationship the Same

I have friends I check in with on social media and then I have friends that I literally call every Friday day and talk to for a good hour. Not every one of your relationships has to be treated the same way to thrive. Don’t stretch yourself too thin trying to call and talk to every friend. The way to allow a friendship to flourish is to allow them to grow in their own way with no pressure.

Put In The Time When You Can

Don’t beat yourself up over not talking to them every day or even every week. Take even five minutes when you can to check in and say hey I’ll call you soon. Or if you’re in the same location plan a get-together, give yourselves an early Friendsgiving or Holiday Celebration to show your appreciation.

Use Your Distance to Your Advantage

Plan fun events to bring you together. With Thanksgiving around the corner plan a little Friendsgiving event before or even a holiday dinner in early December and bring everyone together in one place to celebrate your friendship. To give your event the perfect personal touch I have been loving the invitations and greeting cards at Basic Invites. With 500 Holiday card options, 180 color options to customize your designs, beautiful watercolor Christmas cards and 40 different envelope options you can create the perfect invitation for literally any occasion. Basic Invites is so easy to use and create beautiful and high-quality cards like Thanksgiving dinner party invitations you will be excited to send out to all your guests. 

Have Hobbies Together

You’re friends because you have something in common, so don’t let distance change that. Watch a tv show, read a book or take up a cool hobby like painting and share the good moments or your thoughts with each other on your checkups.

Be Thoughtful

Don’t forget you don’t have to break the bank and send lavish gifts to each and every friend. Around the holiday season, one of the most thoughtful things you can do is send a holiday card. Basic Invites not only does invitations but they also do thank you cards that can be customized as holiday cards! I love receiving holiday cards from friends around this season, hearing what they’re up to and share some holiday cheer.  If you’re looking to create beautiful invitations for your upcoming holiday party or Friendsgiving use the code holi30 for 30% off your order!

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