How to Wear Athleisure to the Office

Now I know working in marketing I am incredibly lucky my office allows me to wear whatever I want.  They would rather we be comfortable and productive than dressed up every day.  I also understand some offices are a little more strict about dress wearAthleisurebut there are some styles that can be worn to make you look dressed up and still add a bit of comfort to your office wear.  

Joggers and Heels

Joggers are the ultimate lazy day attire, being cozy and usually soft they are the new leggings.   Brands are starting to take this college staple and elevate it by making them a bit more fitted.  I love my joggers by local Chicago based brand Joriki, and they look so perfect with a pair of keeps.  Pair it with of strappy heels and a dress shirt for a very put together look.

Yoga Pants & Blazer or Long Cardigan 

Some of my most flattering pants are my yoga pants… I love the way they fit around my legs and hips.  But often times these are a no no in the office.  So as a way to disguise your favorite leggings pair it with a nice shirt or basic t-shirt and a longer blazer or cardigan.  Just make sure you’re bum is covered to keep it professional.

Hoodie with Trousers

This could be a stretch in some companies but recently I have been loving the laid-back look of hoodies in the office.  This I think might be on rotation in my autumn uniform.  Pair a basic cropped or full length hoodie with a pair of skinny trousers for a chic office look.

Sneakers with Dresses

I may be biased on this trend, living in the city I walk everywhere I go so I find myself reaching for a pair of sneakers most days just to make sure my feet are comfortable.  So even if I’m wearing one of my favorite dresses I still find myself throwing on sneakers.  Of course, my classic white Keds are no surprise, I have also been loving the platform sneaker styles and even the 90s style trainer trend is growing on me. 

What are your favorite pieces to wear to the office?


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