It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

As I mentioned in my last post this Halloween really was a whirlwind adventure of fall activities.  Since we were in Austin for the middle of October Zack and I were very late on getting our pumpkins this year, but we found an adorable farm that still had some gorgeous pumpkins left in their field for the pick your own.

I had two strong contenders on this years Halloween costume I decided to dress up for work too!  For a more subtle look I went with the cat ears and skull tee, and I couldn’t forget my amazing ColourPop Lippie in Dr. M.


Then for the evening I went a little more subtle and sophisticated and went with my Holly Golightly look!  This was by far my favorite Halloween costume, it was so comfortable and easy but unfortunately not a single person I ran into that evening knew who I was…


Since our parties were all on Friday Zack and I decided to torture ourselves and went Demon Acres.  It was the scariest hunted place I have ever experienced.  I applaud the people designed their trail and house.  It was such a reasonable price and we really got a good scare for our money!


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