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It’s already the 12th of December and Christmas is only two weeks away.  I’m sure you’ve made your list and checked it twice to make sure you’ve got gifts for all the important people in your life. But sometimes the craze of the holidays gets the best of you and you may miss a name or two. I created a list of my favorite holiday deals before Thanksgiving but today I want to share some easy go-to gifts for those extras that might sneak on last minute.


For your gaggle of gal pals, I love getting gifts that are similar yet you can put your own little twist on for each personality.  Having a little get together to exchange gifts, watch movies and have cute cocktails (or hot chocolate) is a great way to show your special ladies they’re important.

1. Going along with the get-together theme, a sweet pj sets are always a great idea, I love pairs with shorts or a set of silk pajamas that can be worn all year long. 2.  Sleep masks are probably some of the most underrated things, again these can be given for a little girls night in themed get-together but it’s the perfect gift for your favorite beauty sleeper or jet-setter on your list. You can even find sets with slippers in them, which any girl needs on a chilly morning. 3.  Along with a bit of pampering, I am also a huge lover of Lush products, specifically their bath bombs.  They are really inexpensive and you can pick one to go with anyone’s personality.  They Yogi, the more earthy, or the sweet treat lover these are great for any gal to treat herself to a little me time. 4. Next, Astrid & Miyu is my latest jewelry obsession, they have beautiful minimalist jewelry and even have personalized pieces you can give your list of ladies as gifts. They have a line of initial pieces are well as zodiac earrings and a really fun Chinese Zodiac necklace line for the Virgo or Dragon in your life.  They are also doing a Christmas sale with discounts on different collections every day until the holiday. 5. If you are looking for another inexpensive and sweet treat to say Happy Holidays champagne gummy bears and other treats are always a hit, Sugarfina makes some really adorable package with all sorts of treats in different flavors. 6. Finally, I don’t think I can go a month without gushing over how much I LOVE Mr. Kate, I think her jewelry, is also a perfect gift for someone on your list but as you know I am especially obsessed with her Beauty Marks.  These are so fun and she has created so many themes perfect for any personality.  From the minimalist, the creative weirdo, or the botanist she has a set for them.  I’m especially fond of the freckles I think they are so cute and are really festive for the holidays. These are also a really great price and your friends will be able to use them all year long.



Of course, men are some of the most difficult people to buy for in my opinion. My boyfriend is one of the last people I finish buying for on my Christmas list.  So I had to include some gifts for the men to this list of last minute ideas, whether its a brother, boyfriend, father or friend in a white elephant here are some gifts I’m sure he’d appreciate.

1.Razors kits are really simple and easy.  The subscription companies are great and I feel like products you use most frequently are great products to get monthly without thinking.  I also think men don’t often think of convenience the way we do so give him the opportunity to try one out.  Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club are great products at a cheap price point. 2. From Old Fashions to Moscow Mules a good cocktail mixing kit is a fantastic gift for any mixologist. 3. As women, we are very aware of the changes in weather and how they affect our skin but sometimes that’s something the guys in your life might not think about it.  And because their skin is so different from ours they need products made specifically for them. I picked up a set of cleanser and moisturizer for my boyfriend last year and he has still been using it, he and his skin will thank you. 4. For the guy with a sweet tooth in your life get him some gummies inspired by his favorite drink.  Target created some delicious cocktail inspired gummies for the Old Fashioned of G&T lover.  5.  If you have a man on your list that drinks coffee every day an aero press is a great alternative to the coffee pot.  They are incredibly simple and easy to travel with.  If he’s picky about his beans and value’s the flavors in his coffee a new way to brew his beans is great. 6. Finally, for the techy on your list Moleskin and Evernote have teamed up to create a really incredible note-taking experience. Take notes in Moleskin’s beautiful notebook and then utilize Evernote’s note capturing technology to save them electronically.



This year I get to partake in my in my office Secret Santa gift exchange (last year I was in Germany!) But this is definitely a challenging experience if you choose someone you don’t know that well so I’ve put together a list of a few fun gift ideas your Secret Santa will love.

1.For the takeout king or queen in the office to get inspired to bring leftovers instead of ordering every day, this Chinese takeout to go box is adorable. 2. Desk ornaments as silly as this sounds a sassy desk nameplate or plant for the office desk is a nice little piece of personal touch to your office space.  Different places carry cute pots and vessels you can add a sweet cactus or low light plant. 3. Drinking 8 glasses of water are important to your health and at work many times it’s hard to remember to drink water when you’re focused on your day to day tasks, so get your secret Santa a really cool water bottle by Swell.  These reusable bottles will keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks warm for 12.  4. Get the spicy food connoisseur in your office their own personal travel container for Sriracha, that what when they go to their favorite restaurants for lunch they always have some heat in their pocket. 5. For the coworker who has about 5 cups of coffee a day get them their own cold brew maker, they are so simple and your coworker can brew the night before and have their fix easy in the morning. 6. Last but not least, from chargers, to headphones, to your computer’s power source we have a lot of cords around our desks to get your Secret Santa the easiest way to organize their things.  These little leather organizers are easy to use and keep your cords neat.


Who is left on your list to buy for?



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