March Favorites


Its that time again, it’s favorites time.  I think the main trend of this month is taking care of yourself.  I have been really focused on taking care of my body and my skin and found some amazing products to do so.  So without any further adieu let’s get into it.


Starting off my march favorites with some beauty products. I know I had a favorite foundation last month but it has been replaced for summer with the Tate Rainforest by the Sea foundation.  I have been on the hunt for products with SPF for the summer and found this amazing foundation.  The moisturizers I tried with SPF felt really oily on my skin and didn’t hydrate really well and that’s another think I wanted something lightweight so getting a foundation with SPF in it was the best solution.  Its only a 15 but its great for everyday use.





Next in skincare are a couple face masks.  Along with taking care of my body I’ve been really focused on taking care of my skin.  As you know I love the Origins Charcoal Mask but recently started researching different face masks in search of one that can make my skin smooth, ease problem areas and get rid of dark spots and acne scars.  The first one I’ve been loving is the Mario Badescu Whitening Mask this mask helps to brighten uneven skin tones and minimizes the look of acne scars.  I really enjoy how hydrating this mask is and how it makes my skin feel soft and moisturized.

The next one is the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Intensive Peel.  If you are looking for a mask that feels like its doing something then this is the mask for you.  This is a quick mask you don’t leave it on for more than five minutes.  They claim this mask helps to resurface, smooth and remove dead skin.  You put this mask on and immediately get a tingling sensation.  I do have to warn you it does leave your skin a little red immediately after and your skin becomes very sensitive a few minutes after but I feel like my skin has gotten brighter and smoother from using these two masks.


Along with masks I also have been trying to add more specialized moisturizers to my routine.  I recently discovered NIA or Not Into Aging Teck Neck Smoother and they have some amazing products I am really loving their Tech Neck moisturizer.  It’s a really unique packaging and I’m sure will what my skin needs to stay young and radiant.


As you know, I am a huge advocate for dry shampoo usage.  And I have tried my fair share of brands.  But recently I have fallen for the DryBar Detox Dry Shampoo.  It’s made with rice powders and doesn’t leave any white residue.  The smell is so light and fresh and this dry shampoo gives my hair a little bit of lift for those between days.


Keeping with haircare I have a new styling favorite.  I never understood the allure of the Tangle Teezer before I tried it myself.  It seemed just like a simple hand brush, until I got my hands on one and now I’m hooked. It fits in your hand so nicely and glides through wet hair like a dream.  The bristles are created to bend and flex to comb through tangles with ease.  This brush will be the perfect accessory for summer when you’re spending time at the beach or by the pool.





I also have a nail polish favorite this month.  Now raise your hand if you are an impatient or rough nail polisher.  I am the girl who paints their nails the night before and somehow chips them all in my sleep.  If you relate to this then the CND Vinylux Weekly Polish is perfect.  It is quick drying which is wonderful because I’m also the girl who can’t sit still long enough to let normal polish dry completely.  This polish doesn’t require a base coat.  Simply paint a couple coats of the color base and top it with their special top coat and this stuff will last for about 7 days with very minimal chipping.


Finally for beauty, I have been obsessed with peach shades when doing my make up. I think the rose gold / peach trend is going to be huge this spring and summer.  Right now I’ve been loving the Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Peach Beach.  This little box blush has so much shimmer and beautiful color.  I love putting it all up my cheeks and a little across the bridge of my nose to create a soft sun kissed look. Along with the Flush Blush I got a sample of the Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Lipgloss also by Too Faced.  It’s got great color that goes on rather sheer and really enhances the color of your lips with a touch of peach.  The color I got is Pure Peach which is a beautiful pinky tone.  Finally, I got my hands on the Naked Skin Highlighting Fluid by Urban Decay in Fireball.  As the weather gets nicer I always find myself wearing more subtle makeup.  I love me a good highlight, a strong glow on the high points of your face is so beautiful and makes you look flawless.  But this season I think a more subtle glow will be everything.  These highlighting fluids are so perfect they come in some really amazing shades and I find the peachy color of Fireball to be really great for summer.  Use the wand to apply the product to all the places you want a little glow and then I use my fingertips to dab it into the skin.  It leaves a subtle color along with an amazing glow.


On top fashion favorites, I have been trying to get back into the gym and really get back on the fitness train before it’s swimsuit season so I have been living in my Varley leggings.  They have some amazing prints and I love the cutouts in the legs.  They are high waisted and are really flattering.


Next, if you are a petite woman like myself who also really likes a high waisted jean then I have the pair for you.  I am so in love with the Topshop Joni jean.  It has a really high waist with great stretch in the material.  The legs are really fitted and and Topshop also makes jeans for little legs, The petite size hits just above the ankle bone and is perfect with a pair of sneakers or flats this spring.

march19Finally, more of a random favorite this month I have gotten back into reading.  Along with my podcasts I try to set aside an hour of time to reading and I have been loving the Jojo Moyes books this month.  If you don’t know who she is she wrote Me Before You, I am finishing up reading Me Before You for the second time and am really excited to start the sequel Me After You.  I absolutely love her easy to relate writing style.  Her books are so fun to read and she creates the most relatable characters.  If you’ve seen the movie Me Before You, you definitely need to give the book a read.

What did you love in March?


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