Men’s Outerwear Trends

First I want to thank my wonderful friend Daniel for modeling for me for my very first men’s wear post!  This has been a long time coming and I have been really wanting to dabble a bit in men’s fashion so here are my swoon-worthy picks for fall outwear.

Leather Jacket

Of course this comes as no surprise the leather jacket will always be a staple for fall fashion.  Men and women alike love this trend of obvious reasons, you up your cool factor by 10 by just sliding one of these jackets on.  Daniel’s vintage jacket is the perfect fall color and really adds a little edge to any casual look.

Denim Jacket

If you are running errands or just need something to quickly pull on during the day a denim jacket is always the first thing I like to reach for.  It’s such a simple piece and can go with really any look.  Plus, that Canadian tuxedo is on trend this year.

Wool Peacoat

If you need something a little more put together I am the biggest sucker for a man in a wool peacoat.  This very classic trend will probably never go out of style, they can really elevate any look.  If you’re looking for a coat to wear to an event or something for your commute to the office.  This is definitely my go-to outerwear for a more professional look. 

Bomber Jacket

Leather, wool, and even that athletic windbreaker material, bomber jackets can really be made in any material and I find them to be incredibly flattering on men.  They typically hit right at the waist-line so they don’t look boxy or make your torso look too long.  the sleeves are also a bit wider at the bicep and then taper down into a tighter cuff to also give the illusion a more muscular arm. If you’re feeling really bold the 80s/90s windbreaker trend is really big this season, find yourself a bold colored windbreaker and rock it with your favorite casual look.

Classic Trench

Another trend that transcends the sexes is the trench coat.  I’ve told you all about my love affair with my own trench but this is also a fabulous trend for men as well.  For the current weather, those gloomy rainy days where it’s a bit warmer this is the perfect piece to dress up a look.  Swap your peacoat out for this puppy for a lighter look you can also dress it down with a hoodie and some sneakers for a very model-off-duty look.

What other men’s tips do you want to see?

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