Mixing Metals Jewelry with Mejuri

Hi friends, it’s been a while, I don’t have an excuse. Life sometimes really gets you down and some of the things that brought you joy stop bringing you those same joys. But one thing that I’ve really focused on in my hiatus is being incredibly intentional about my clothes and my shopping. When I was in high school I loved trends and even in the early days of this blog I never felt like I could repeat outfits but now I think that mindset is so wasteful and not practical. I would much rather have pieces in my closet that are timeless and are also great quality that will last me a lifetime.

This includes my jewelry, I used to love to have many options for all my different styles but now I lean more toward pieces that are dainty and versatile. For many years I stuck with sterling silver jewelry and have some favorite pieces that I rarely take off so when mixing metals became a rising trend I was all in and I love that it looks like it’s also here to stay. These are some of my favorite tips for mixing metal jewelry.

Invest in Quality Pieces

You can even invest in beautiful mixed metal pieces like this collection from Mejuri. I even love that they have a beautiful store in Chicago’s Fulton Market where I can try on all the pieces I love, I have been blown away by the quality of their collections and how I can wear them every day and they never lose their shine.

Get Them Pre Mixed

If you want the perfect mixed metal jewels the best way to get them is to find them premixed. I love my mixed metal pieces from Mejuri because they are the perfect blend of gold and silver for a timeless and versatile design.

Think About Placement

I’ve never been a “less is more” person, especially with my jewelry I’ve always loved stacking rings, and layering necklaces, and my latest favorite is mix-and-matching earring stacks. But it is important if you’re going for a polished and curated look to mix with intention. Layer your necklaces with a plan in mind, are you more focused on a look with more gold in it make sure your stand-out piece is complimented by more delicate and complimentary pieces.

Consider tones

Finally, considering tones is also important. You can find a variety you gold and silver tones, balancing cooler or rosier tones is good to keep your look cohesive. Also playing with color is a great way to add interest, use a blue topaz in one of your silver pieces to add texture and color, or quartz to play up more rosy tones in the gold. This can help tie any look together.

Will you try to mix metals?


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