My Must Watch Christmas Movies

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town – ABC
Rudolph The Red Knows Reindeer – watch on CBS, Freeform or Hulu Live
Frosty – Youtube, VUDU for $9.99, AMC
A Year Without Santa Claus – Amazon Video $3.99, Vudu $2.99, Daily Motion, Google Play $2.99 , Fubo

I am such a sucker for the claymation Christmas movies so these are the first movies I pull out each year from my collection. I think I’m biased to Santa Claus Is Coming to Town because of the songs and the fact that Mrs. Claus is named Jessica… But these are a MUST each year.

A Charlie Brown Christmas – AppleTV Dec. 11 through Dec. 13
How The Grinch Stole Christmas – Dailymotion, Netflix for the 2018 version

Possible unpopular opinion but although I thoroughly enjoy Jim Carry as the Grinch when I’m in the mood for a Christmas movie it just never lives up to the classic cartoon version of the movie. Along with the Grinch, I love watching the Charlie Brown Christmas for the music alone. These are both such wholesome movies (maybe the grinch not so much) but great movies that you can’t have the holidays without.

A Christmas Story – Hulu, Sling, Youtube $3.99, Google Play $3.99, Itunes $3.99, Dailymotion
Elf – Hulu, Starz, Sling, Fubo, Amazon AMC
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation- Amazon $3.99, Fubo, Youtube $3.99, iTunes $3.99, Google Play $3.99 AMC
Home Alone 1& 2 – Disney+, Youtube $3.99, Google Play $3.99, Amazon $3.99

If you need a good holiday laugh these are my go tos. A Christmas Story is a classic, what’s funnier than Will Farrel running around the streets of New York in an Elf costume and of course you need some holiday mischief with the Home Alone Originals (no one care about Home Alone after Mucully Culkin)

Last Christmas – Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon, Youtube $14.99, Google Play $14.99
Happiest Season – Hulu
The Holiday- Hulu, Fubo TV, Sling, Amazon $2.99, Youtube $3.99
Muppets Christmas Carol – Disney+, iTunes $2.99, Amazon $3.99, Youtube $3.99, Google Play $3.99

If you love the Christmas Carol there is no better version than the Muppets. I will not take any other opinion on that. Statler and Waldorf as the Marley brothers are incredible. I also love a good holiday love story and Happiest Season, The Holiday, Holiday Calendar, and Just Friends are great holiday set Christmas Movies. I also have to give Last Christmas an honorable mention for my new favorite romantic Christmas movie because I honestly think Emelia Clark can do no wrong.

The Nutcracker Ballet – Many variations on Amazon

After almost 20 years of ballet Christmas time is the busiest time of year as a dancer and I myself have a strong connection to The Nutcracker ballet. Because my birthday is exactly 2 weeks before the holiday it would be spent in dress rehearsals in the theater we would be performing it. I had many incredible years and got to perform to some of my favorite iconic classical songs. In normal times I would make a point to see the ballet in a theater but Amazon also has some incredible recordings to tide me over until theaters are open.

Friends (Christmas Eve Eve) – Hulu, HBO Max, Pluto TV
It’s a Wonderful Life – Amazon Prime, Google Play $2.99, Youtube $2.99, NBC, USA,
White Christmas – Netflix, Youtube $2.99, Google Play $2.99, Amazon $3.99, Dailymotion
Harry Potter series – Peacock TV, Amazon $3.99 each

Finally, these are a little strange because they’re very particular so please stay with me. Naturally, you need to watch the Friends Christmas Eve Eve episode on the 23rd… for obvious reasons. then on the 24th I love to go back to my love for classic movies with It’s a Wonderful Life and right before I go to bed on Christmas Eve I love to watch White Christmas. Don’t ask me what the significants is I really can’t tell you but that’s what I do. Finally, Christmas Day is the start to the annual Harry Potter movie marathon.

If you have worked your way through this holiday movie list or need a change of pace listen to my Christmas Playlist on Spotify to get your fix of Christmas music. Since this year we’re all cooped up inside finish your holiday shopping, or research new traditions for the holidays and enjoy a movie marathon with loved ones. Tell me what your favorite movie is and if you have others I should check out leave them in the comments below!


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