My 5 Fall Beauty Favorites

Hello Syracuse fall, our weather went from gorgeous mid 70s and sunny to a balmy 40 with rain in just a matter of weeks.  I love how gorgeous this time of year is but not being surprised if it snows before Halloween is really for the birds.  But with the changing season of course my wardrobe and beauty routine changes as well.  So here are a few make up and skin care products that are really getting me in the mood for fall.



Stick Foundation: First, I was lucky enough to be gifted the Make Up Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Stick by Influenster last month and I have to say I’m hooked. It’s so convenient to use and the coverage is so perfectly buildable.  Make Up Forever also makes so many amazing shades of any skin tone and it makes me so well.


Cream Bronzer: Just like the Invisible Cover Stick I have been loving the W3ll People Bronzer stick.   The convenience of both of these products is amazing and has really changed how many projects I have to pack for the traveling I’ve been doing recently.  The W3ll People sick is so creamy and bendable and is such a great neutral tone for any skin color.



Moisturizer: Moisturizer is important all year long, but I feel like my skin needs that extra pick me up even more in the winter. First Aid Beauty makes some amazing products, they are free of Parabins and harsh chemicals, its also so safe for sensitive skin and so moisturizing. But I think the moisturizer that I have been loving most these days has to be the Origins GinZing moisturizer.  It’s got a great fresh orange scent and it so hydrating. I also love how my it makes my make up hold all day.




Dark Lip: I know I know dark lip for fall?  Groundbreaking idea but I’m still hooked.  My go to this year is still MACs Matte Sin Lipstick.  I also have a new love for the Givanchy lip color.  It is a jet black lipstick, but it changes to a gorgeous mauve or pink color depending on your lips ph level.  These lip colors are great for a very neutral eye and my favorite chunky sweater.


Coconut Oil: I know I’ve talked a lot about the power of coconut oil.  I use it every night to take off my eye makeup, especially that pesky mascara but it has also done wonders for my hair as I begin using heat tools more often.  With more blow drying and curling my hair needs a little more moisture.  So once a week I use a huge dollop and work it into my hair, then I create two sleep braids and them the oil sit over night.  Then in the morning I wash my hair as normal.


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