My Everyday Eyeshadow Pallet

I have a love hate relationship with eyeshadow pallets.  I love how beautiful they are, but I hate the price tag.  I have such a hard time dropping so much money on a pallet of shadows that I won’t use half of them.  The Naked pallets are so gorgeous but there are so many colors I feel like are just not me.  I also really love the pallet the Gwen Stefani pallet but there again some of the colors are just too far outside my comfort zone. Being a neutrals gal I think I have found the holy grail of shadow pallets.

lorac3The Lorac Pro Pallet is the most perfect pallet I have ever looked at.  It has some gorgeous glitter shadows that have just a fine shimmer.  It also has some gorgeous matte shades that I love to use in the crease.  What I love about this pallet most is that the colors aren’t too crazy or dark.  There is a black and beautiful a shimmery navy blue that make the most gorgeous smokey eye. There are three brow shades that all three are acceptable day or night time crease colors.

Because of this pallet I am currently obsessed with the Mauve and Champagne colors.  This has been my go to look since I got this pallet. I usually stick with with a nude and brown color but this has also helped me move a little farther out of my comfort zone. I honestly can’t complain about anything with this pallet, the shadows are easy to blend and as I mentioned the colors are so perfect. If you’re looking for a shadow pallet that you can use for any occasion I suggest the Lorac Pro.

What is your favorite shadow pallet?



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