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Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about how to grow this brand.  I love my blog, I love you, my readers and I love writing and creating that I want it to be more than just a weekend hobby.  I want to reach and inspire even more people.  So recently I’ve been looking too great and inspiring women to guide my journey to growth.  So today I wanted to share some of the #GirlBosses that are really giving me the confidence and guidance to reach my goals.

white9Sophie Amoruso- “The Big Boss”, If you haven’t seen #Girlboss on Netflix I HIGHLY recommend you check it out.  Even if you aren’t a blogger this is such an inspiring story.  Anyone with a dream or a passion could learn so much from Sophia’s story.  I have also decided to pick up her book with the same name.  This will be a book I revisit frequently.  She started her journey as a girl just looking to make some money and found a business that consumed her.  Her passion for her little Ebay store that became a multimillion dollar company is truly inspiring.  Right now she is my ultimate badass #Girlboss idol.

white3My Mom – “The Mom Boss”, I’m gonna get a little sappy here but my mom is the ultimate boss.  She is so organized and driven.  She can take control of any situation and make things run like a well-oiled machine and never lets anything shake her.  My mom is so brave and taught me to be independent. I never could have started this blog or started the career I have today without her pushing me to go after my dreams and be a fearless and fierce woman.

Victoria McGrath – “The Fashion Boss”, I could also call Victoria “The Blogging Boss” because she is everything I want to be with this blog.  The things she has the opportunity to write about and the way she writes her blog is so inspiring to me. I love her flair, her knowledge of the fashion industry and how she makes it so approachable for everyone.  She is also so humble and I love that about her style.


Mr. Kate – “The Creative Boss,” I don’t think I could go a week without talking about this amazing boss woman.  She is so incredibly inspiring from all the things she has her hands in, from interior design to fashion inspiration Mr. Kate literally does everything.  She is so creative and her personality is so infectious.  She is always upbeat, silly, and positive.  She really inspires me to not take this journey TOO seriously and to always remember I need to love what I’m doing.  She is passionate and not afraid to share her opinions on any topic.

All of these women are confident, passionate and hardworking and didn’t just fall into the amazing careers they’ve created.  I can only hope that my path is as inspiring to someone someday.

Who is your favorite #Girlboss?


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