My Love-Hate Relationship with Social Media

As a blogger, social media is a necessary evil. Although I hate how much emphasis there is on how many likes you get and how many people follow your account. It feels so silly to get excited about “milestones” like reaching the next thousand followers but the reality of the matter is social media is the easiest way to reach an audience face. Or at least it was… another thing that frustrates me other than the fact that this stuff bugs me is that the platforms namely Instagram sabotages the little people. Don’t get me wrong larger influencers are also seeing dips in exposure and likes but for the smaller people hustling to get their work acknowledged a bad post can dictate whether you land your first sponsored post or not, or if you’re a baby step closer to making this long journey your career.

Now regardless of that fact that Instagram is ultimately a part of my job there are a few things I’m going to push myself to do to better myself and hopefully fall in love with social media again.

Stop the Endless Scroll

I am the worst offender of sitting and mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, so I’m putting myself on a limit. When I scroll I tend to compare myself to other’s who have more followers or landed this deal or went on this vacation, and I know I’m not the only one. So by limiting my time on social media, I’m not as tempted to compare. With this limit, I’m also shifting my mindset. I need to remember all the amazing things I’ve accomplished as well, the exciting projects I get to work on and the amazing people that are inspired by my work.

Don’t Sweat the Schedule

Sure, Instagram and Youtube favor creators who are constantly posting, even in search results land Google favors content that is refreshed regularly to stay relevant. But if you’re like me, a one-woman show with a 9 to 5 job you’re juggling as well adhering to a set schedule can be quite the feat. I used to make myself sick worrying about posting my blog posts on the same day every week. I would get so frustrated I would lash out at loved ones, and it really took a toll on some of my relationships. Blogging became a job, but not the fun kind.

Now, instead of worrying about a strict schedule I push myself to create content I would like to read instead. When you focus on quality over quantity not only will you be happier with your work but you’ll also be more relaxed. When it comes to social media I like creating a story and focusing on the aesthetic of how my photos look around each other rather than posting every day. Getting back to the roots of why Instagram was created in the first place brings the passion back to the platform.

Connect Outside of Social Media

Having 10,000 followers on Instagram is cool, but if you aren’t connecting with them on a deeper level what influence are you really going to have over them. Instead of thinking of your followers as a number I think if you all as family and my best friends. I love the challenge of finding the perfect piece for a close friend, sharing my knowledge on fashion trends and my endless reviews of beauty products. Imaginig social media as a way to spread that knowledge quickly and easily is a more positive way of using my space. This month I have also pushed myself to get out and go to events, I follow and am followed by a lot of fellow bloggers and love meeting up and sharing what I know.

I think shooting photo content is the most challenging part of this job. Some people aren’t lucky enough to have connections to photographers or even have an eye for photography so when I can jump in and bring my experience to the table and share some confidence it is so rewarding and brings the joy back into blogging.

How do you feel about social media?


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