My Spring Essentials

For the last year, I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Charlotte, NC quite frequently. Although the spring weather in Chicago has been gloomy and cold and very winter like I’ve gotten a taste of sunny and warm spring weather these last couple of months and I’ve been really enjoying dressing and feeling like I am shaking the winter blues.

Summer is definitely my favorite season for fashion, I feel like my personal style flourishes in the summer months but there is something so special about fresh rain and watching the flowers and leaves bud on the trees. It’s so easy to feel refreshed and inspired after a few sunny days. This winter I have been really focused on being intentional with the way I live, dress, and take care of myself. I have compiled a list of things I can’t live without this spring and how I’m putting intentional living into practice.

Bold suits

If you watch my get ready with me TikToks I’ve been pretty much living in trousers. Instead of putting on jeans, I opt for a wide-leg trouser. But this spring I have been wanting to up my trouser game with a bold suit. There is something so powerful about a bright colored suit. To elevate this trend for the summer I think it’s also perfect for shorts suits and in a linen fabric to keep it light and airy.

Reformation dresses

Flattering silhouettes and timeless designs are so important when trying to be more intentional when dressing and I love the iconic dresses from Reformation. They skim all your curves beautifully and come in some of the most stunning fabrics. I love that their pieces come in gorgeous solid colors or fun florals (I know, florals for spring… groundbreaking). With my upcoming trip, they are going to be so perfect strolling the Italian streets.

A good book

I hated reading as a kid, I could never get into the recommended reading but lately, I’ve found a lot of joy in reading. I also think it’s a great way to relax at the end of the day or pass the time on the train. I have enjoyed trying all different genres, especially self-help lately. If reading physical books just isn’t your thing I have also loved audiobooks as a way to multi-task and get in that reading.

La Roche Posey sunscreen

Sunscreen. It’s no surprise SPF is essential. I have tried my fair share of sunscreens but there is something great about the La Roche Posey sunscreen. I kicked myself for not picking it up in France but now it’s a staple in my daily skincare routine. The French know their skincare, and this sunscreen doesn’t disappoint. There’s no white cast, it’s not greasy, and the price point doesn’t hurt either.

Chloe perfume

Being intentional with my personal style, and has also come with finding my signature scent. I was never much of a perfume girl and was honestly very overwhelmed with them and could never remember to put it on in the morning. But lately, with my get ready with me videos I’ve had fun choosing a scent to go with my mood and the season. This spring I’ve been reaching for the Chloe original eau de parfum. It’s very fresh and light with lots of beautiful floral notes like peony and freesia. If you’re looking for a floral perfume that isn’t too overpowering this is a great option.

Slide sandals

As I sit here writing this post, it is raining cats and dogs outside, but slide sandals are going to be a staple in my closet as soon as we start getting some sunny days. I also don’t go to Charlotte without a pair in my suitcase. They are just the perfect casual warm spring/summer shoe. I love wearing them with dresses to dress them down, as well as wearing them with jeans for a casual chic look.

Straw bag

Last summer in Paris I purchased one of my favorite purses, my Maje woven palm bag is what I believe is the most quintessential spring bag ever. I’ve loved wearing more textured accessories, like my palm bag or woven straw bags. I think they are so fun and add a natural element to a look.

Slingback block heels

Of course, I’m still wearing this trend on repeat. Ever since I bought my favorite two toned slingbacks in Paris I’ve gotten more than my money’s worth out of them. They are a great shoe for spring dresses as well as perfect for dressing up a pair of jeans. I love how easy a pair of slingback heels are. I also think this is the year of the block heel. Not only are they chic but they are also very practical. If you’re new to heels or want to incorporate more heeled shoes into your wardrobe a block heel is perfect.

Oversized sunglasses

Last summer small sunglasses have their moment with the resurgence of the Y2K fashion. Although it’s still a very strong trend this year I think big sunglasses are also making their comeback this season. When it comes to sunglasses I’ve always lived by the motto that bigger is better.

My journal

Finally, and sort of oddly my last spring essential is my journal. I think taking care of your mental health is so important and one outlet I utilize often is journaling. I like to write about my day, my goals, and how I’m feeling about my relationships. This allows me to get all the thoughts out of my head in words and has oftentimes given me the ability and courage to address difficult conversations.

Fashion trends each season are so important to me but so is my mental health and constantly finding my personal style and taking care of my mental health. I like to focus on bettering myself inside and out and finding confidence in who I am. This spring I’ve found trends and items that allow me to show off who I am. What are your spring must haves?


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