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We’re in the home stretch… it’s almost the weekend. Everyones favorite time of the week, you can sleep in, get errands run, and just relax from your very busy week.  But my favorite thing to do on the weekend is Netflix marathons. There is an art to really having the most relaxing Netflix weekend and making sure you have made all the preparations is key.


Location, Location, Location: location is key, often times you want to just lay in bed thinking that is the most comfortable choice but sometimes that’s a mistake.  I personally think the couch and living room is the better choice.  If you’re conflicted on the choice, always choose the room closest to the kitchen…


Coverage: Blankets and pillows are a must when posting up for the day.  You want to make sure the comfort level is at it’s max so you don’t get uncomfortable.  Grab all the blankets, comforters and pillows from around the house and either create a nest on the floor (I have been dying to buy a blow up pool and fill it with pillows and blankets for a living room bed.  or if your couch is big enough for you and your companion set yourself up there, forts are also highly suggested if you are lucky enough to be an expert blanket architect.

joey friends

Snacks: probably the most important part of this list… your snack options should be plentiful and diverse.  Make sure you have sweet, and salty options to keep your pallet happy all day long.  My personal favorite movie option is a Popcorn mix, they have so many different flavored salts you can add to your popcorn and then mix in your favorite topping options.  M&Ms, gummies, other candies, pretzels and even cereal make for great combinations with your popcorn.  Also make sure there are plenty of drink options and a phone near buy to call for take out around dinner time.  GrubHub is also an amazing option for keeping yourself full on a marathon day.  You won’t even have to pause your show/movie when ordering your food.


Movie Watching Device: Watching movies on your computer can get tiring. It’s hot on your lap and if your watching in a group often times the screen is too small for a distance.  I suggest getting a Chromecast (I mentioned this in a monthly favorites) more affordable than an AppleTV and so easy to set up.  I simply cast the Netflix window and watch for hours.


Ride or Die: A companion is very important someone to watch with you, talk with you, and refill your drink.  I love curling up with the boyfriend and the pup, although River really is useless on the snacks front.


Clothes:  Finally making sure your clothes are comfortable is key, you need to make sure you can stretch and are warm are very important.  I love wearing my oversized Blackhawks sweatshirt and a pair of leggings for an all-day-er.

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What are your must haves when you have a Netflix day?


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