OTK Boots

When it comes to seasonal trends I don’t like to immediately jump on the bandwagon hoping that it would be a good investment. I have been really focused on keeping the items in my closet timeless.  But as the seasons went on I found that Over the Knee Boots are certainly here to stay.  What is so wonderful about these boots is they come in so many styles, from flat boots, chunky heels, or the sexy stiletto.  Then you can get the tight fitting leg and the more loose.  They are so versatile and can really elevate an outfit

otk boots


These boots are so simple and can really add a little something to any outfit.  With dresses they are great to bring a little sex appeal to an outfit without being outrageous.  I love pairing my boots from Asos with skirts as well as classic dresses.

They are also really great way to dress up a pretty casual look instantly.  They take a leggings and a chunky sweater or a t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans to a whole new level.  I think these boots are here to stay and I can’t wait to see what spring has in store for my beautiful boots.

What is your favorite footwear right now?


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