Pieces I’ve Been Wearing On Repeat

After my trip to France, I’ve been obsessed with really being intentional about the clothes I hang in my closet. We were so lucky to be able to do a little shopping and I loved wandering the vintage stores and tiny boutiques around our flat. I also couldn’t get enough of the people watching. I could sit at a beautiful bistro outdoor table with a glass of vin blanc and watch people walk by all day long and it should come as no surprise but the french women were so chic. No matter where we turned everyone looked so put together stylish but not in a trendy way, you wouldn’t catch a French woman in Shien.

So when I came home from our trip I was feeling so inspired by all the incredible looks I saw during our 4 days in Paris, and I immediately went to my closet and started to do a deep clean. I started assessing the clothes in my closets and asking myself if these are pieces I see myself wearing over and over. I have been so focused on timeless pieces that are also versatile and can carry me through multiple seasons as well as years to come. The next seven items are my ultimate closet staples as of lately that I couldn’t see myself without.

High Waist Denim Shorts

I think all summer long I live in dresses. But if I’m not pulling one of my favorite summer dresses from my closet, I’ll wear a pair of high-waisted denim shorts. I’ve said it before, but I think the high waist is so flattering and can elongate the leg. Pair this with a button-down, or blazer for an elevated summer to fall look, you can also wear them with sweaters on those cooler days, or for a darker denim pair with a pair of tights to keep them going into late fall.

Slingback Heels

Before my trip, I researched classic Parisian looks and fell in love with the nude slingback heels with the back block heel and toe, you know the ones… I find the block heel style slingback so sophisticated, and bonus points are so easy to walk in if you don’t often wear heels. Living in a city it is so hard to wear heels with how much I walk but these shoes are so easy to walk in I can wear them for miles. They are also the perfect heel for jeans or dresses. As we were doing a little window shopping one evening I spotted the most beautiful pair in the window of a shoe boutique and knew they needed to be mine. I love my Jonak shoes, I pair them with a classic midi dress or jeans and a tank for those warm transitional days. They are so chic and timeless and I know I will get such good wear out of them for many years to come.

Straw Bag

One of my big purchases on my France trip was a woven palm leaf bag. I wanted the quintessential french market bag to carry my flowers in when I come home from the farmer’s market. I find these bags so effortless, it’s an elevated version of a tote bag which is something I carry around the city all the time. I think they will also be great in the fall, add a silk scarf to give them new life and change the vibe from a summer market bag to a more cool weather tote.

Floral Dresses

Florals aren’t just for spring, and if I’m honest I can wear florals all year long. I love a cute fall floral, instead of big bright florals with light-colored fabrics try something a little different with smaller florals and darker backgrounds for those florals. I also love wearing floral mini dresses and on cooler days pair with boots and tights. With my floral dresses, I focus on silhouette. I love a very feminine cut; A-line, wrap dress style, anything that can give my petite form a little curve.


While we were walking the streets of Paris, I noticed that no matter where we went I saw stylish French women wearing blazers, this classic piece was worn with any look, shorts, skirts, maxi dresses, jeans, they truly go with everything. So make sure you have a blazer in all the essential neutrals to go with any outfit. As a petite gal, I love a blazer that’s just a little oversized and has a 3/4 length sleeve that looks scrunched. With a rolled or scrunched sleeve it gives the illusion you have longer arms, I also find that normal lengthed sleeves are just a bit too long for me so to keep my outfits looking tailored and clean this cut helps me keep an effortless look.

Perfect Fit Denim

This past year I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans. I feel like every wardrobe needs a pair of medium wash jeans that go with everything, the looser leg fit is trending right now so I leaned into that with the Levi wedgie denim and think I found my perfect pair of jeans. They are a great length and I can even roll them for a look that’s a little more laid back or if I’m wearing heels with a strap. I also think they hit on the waist at a great place. They aren’t super high wasted but the midrise is great especially on a shorter torso like mine. The French women even in a more casual look looked so put together and I think it’s because they don’t wear clothes that don’t fit. Getting your clothes tailored or finding clothes that fit your form perfectly is a number one rule for this petite girl and apparently, it’s also for the French.

White Button-Down

Finally, another piece I’ve leaned into more lately is the classic white button-down. Pair with trousers, jeans, shorts, or even under sweaters for the fall for a great classic and effortless Parisian look. For the summer I work a more drapey short sleeve style but as it gets cooler I’ll add in a lighter long sleeve version into rotation. I love how easily a white button-down can elevate a look, pop on a red lip, and tuck a baguet under your arm and you’re ready to be strolling the streets of Paris.

I think it’s so important to invest in timeless pieces that you can elevate and create your own style with instead of trendy pieces that will go out of style in a week. Today with social media trends cycle so quickly. I want to create my own sense of style instead of following trends and these pieces are essential to my aesthetic. What are pieces you can’t live without?


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