Pound Puppies

Oh man I can’t believe this week is already over and how quickly this month is going.  It has been a crazy and busy week.  Last weekend I went to Uproar with my sister, we had a wonderful time catching up and seeing Coheed and Cambria.  It was fun, but I had more fun seeing my sister.  We grew up moving around so much she and my mom became my best friends.  Seeing her made me even more excited to move home in just a few more weeks.

Then this week has been filled in lots of work, and spending times with my Slovakian friends.  Its been a blast and I will certainly miss them when we part ways and we all go home.  This is a stressful and certainly tiring job that I’m ready to escape, but I will miss these friends I have made so much.  They are all so caring and supportive I am so thankful to call them friends. I am certainly going to make the most of these last 2 weeks with them. Geez typing that doesn’t seem like a reality.  I can’t believe its already over.

DSC_0650 copy

DSC_0645 copy

So many Rockstars, the blue one tasted like a pixi stick.





These people make me so very happy, that smile on my face never fades when they are around.  Their enthusiasm to learn the language and their love just warms my so much, I love learning about their cultures.  Tonight is yet another birthday bash and tomorrow I will be taking photos of a model friend.  So next post will also be filled with photos.  Hope you enjoy seeing them.  Updates soon





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