How To Recover From Sleeping in Makeup

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You’re always told, take your makeup off every night before bed. But we’ve all had that those nights, after a few hours of drinking and carrying on with friends.  You stumble into your apartment and the only thing you’re thinking about is your nice fluffy pillow.  When you wake up in the morning with that beautiful white pillowcase covered in last nights smokey eye you feel a bit of dread.  What did I just do?! Well instead of having a mini panic here are my tips for dealing with the aftermath of waking up in last nights makeup.

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Before you can properly assess the damage. You need to wash your face…twice. I love to first use an oil-based cleanser like Clinique’s Take the Day Off or even a simple Coconut Oil to first melt away my makeup.  Then I cleanse with a foaming cleanser like Soap & Glory Fab Pore Purifying Foam Cleanser to wash away the oil and makeup.  I also like to use a cleansing brush to make sure I’m getting deep into my pores and getting all those oils and set in makeup off my face. Pat your skin dry with a towel and now it’s time to see what we’re working with.

Here we can assess where our problem areas are and how we might treat each issue.  After a night of concealer and full coverage foundation clogging our pores, you’ll be surprised to know areas of your face can react differently so we have to make sure we treat each area’s needs. Your first instinct is to pick and then cover your blemishes back up with makeup but if you can help it don’t do either.  Picking will cause redness and could also lead to scarring which is very difficult and takes a lot of time to fade, and putting makeup on doesn’t allow your skin to breath and recover from last night.




redturtulenecklookIf you don’t have plans for the day I suggest doing a mask, making sure to mix and match your masks depending on how each area of your face is feeling.  For those spots dab on a charcoal mask, they are designed to pull the impurities from your skin.  For dull or dry skin I love using the Lush Jelly Mask with bamboo and papaya extract, this has tiny bamboo pieces in it that when you rinse you rub into your skin to buff away all the dry skin and it leaves your skin so glowy, then for the areas in between I love using the Mega Greens Galaxy mask by Glossier its a detoxifying mask that draws all the impurities and oils out of your skin to leave it super soft.  These three masks are seriously my favorites to mix and match.

After you’ve masked you really want to let your skin breath so light bb cream if anything is all you’ll want to put on your face, but before you put on makeup to start your day I suggest a nourishing oil, if you do have some blemishes make sure your oil has Benzoyl peroxide in it to fight those breakouts.  The U.F.O. Clarifying Face Oil by Sunday Riley is a great option or if your skin just needs a little hydration I love the Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate with sunflower botanical oil.

The final time is to make sure you change your pillowcase! This might be something easily forgotten but it’s so important not to undo your preventative measures during the day.

What products do you love when your skin needs a little T.L.C?





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