Your Resolutions Don’t Have to Include Weight Loss

Every year I try to take my time and plan out my resolutions, I like to really think them through and reflect on the previous year’s goals.  I feel like every year its very weight focused, ” I want to lose 5 pounds” ” I want to work out more or be more fit” This year I feel like I’ve found a healthy living routine I really love so here is some resolutions not focused on healthy living.

  1. Save bucks on Bucks: Five dollar coffee even 3 days a week is fifteen dollars a week multiply that by 52 weeks in a year, that’s $780 a year just on coffee.  You could buy a plane ticket to Paris France with the money you spent on coffee.  Instead of hitting up Starbucks on your way to work try making your coffee at home instead, get yourself a french press for a quick and easy cup.
  2.  Wander More: 2017 really taught me just how much I enjoy traveling, I took a couple different trips by car and even flew out to California to visit a friend that was the most amazing trip.  Flying solo was relaxing and exciting.  Meeting new people and seeing new places is something I want to do more of every year so one of my resolutions this year is to plan one trip a year to fly somewhere solo.
  3. Become a Morning Person: Because the sun comes up so late, and the temperatures are so low it is really hard to pull myself out of bed most mornings.  But if you try to get yourself out of bed just 5 minutes earlier every morning you can change your morning routine and wake up earlier.  This will also give you more time to make your coffee!
  4. No, Spend Days: If money management is something you struggle with cutting down on lunches out or coffee runs seem like the obvious ways to save but documenting your spending is a great way to hold yourself accountable and track just how much saving you’re doing.  Create a bullet journal or use your daily planner to track days you don’t spend a penny.  Start by picking a day of the week to be your “no spend day” and if you’re doing really well increase the number of days and you’ll see a big difference.
  5. Family Matters: Family is always important, I luckily live just 3 short hours from my parents but I feel like I take that for granted so I think setting a resolution to call a family member every week is a great way to stay connected to the people you love.
  6.  Hobbies: Of course, giving yourself new hobbies is a great way to start a new year off with new experiences.  Take up an instrument, or knitting, or maybe even blogging! Stretching new muscles physical or mental will keep you sharp.
  7. Unplug: Being a blogger and a Digital Marketer means I’m plugged into technology from when I wake up to well after I get home.  I find myself mentally exhausted and at night I want to veg out and watch mindless television but I think this year I really want to work on my mental health and read more. A big resolution for me this year is to instill a unplug time where I close the computer and put the phone away, pick up a book and just let my mind escape.  To inspire yourself to read set up a book club with friends or join one in your community or online!  It’s a great way to find great books to read and new people to interact with.
  8. Podcast: Along with reading I also want to stay more informed on things going on in industries I find interesting.  A great way to do that is by listening to Podcasts.  Pick three or four Podcasts about different topics.  I love The Lovebomb focused on personal relationships, Skinny Confidential for lifestyle and blogging, Pod Save America for news, and ProBlogger for blogging.  I love putting one of these on during my commute to and from work and also at the gym.
  9. Say No: Being a people pleaser can be a blessing and a curse.  You often times become a yes man and bite off more than you can chew.  This can eat into your personal time and cause unneeded stress and anxiety.  2018 I challenge everyone to say no more often.  Tell people you can’t do things or ask for help when you’re overwhelmed and can’t get things done.
  10. Let go of Negativity: Going along with saying no by joining reading clubs, or new hobbies with new people you can also reassess the relationships you currently have.  If something feels negative or drags you down, let it go.  This will help you be happier and healthier and open so many more opportunities.
  11. Fashionista: This year should also be the year everyone takes fashion risks. Try one trend you have told yourself “I could never pull off.” The results may surprise you.


What are your resolutions for 2018?





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