Sometimes You Just Need a Break

Sometimes you just need to step away when life gets to be too much. As you all have probably noticed I’ve been a bit MIA on social media and especially here on the blog.  This doesn’t mean I’m done for good just means I needed to take a step back to find my voice again.  Honestly, until a couple of weeks ago I was feeling rather uninspired.  Scrolling through Instagram was almost frustrating seeing the same pictures with the same captions, no original thought and everything felt so contrived just striving for the most likes possible.  It honestly made me sick.

With the lack of inspiration and my photographer moving away I was feeling kind of lost so instead of just pumping out content just to keep going I made the decision to take a step back and take some time for me, to gather some inspiration and find some creative minds to work with.  So armed with a fresh mindset I am so excited to share what’s next for Dollface Diaries and my content. So stay tuned for your regularly scheduled Tuesday AND Friday posts coming soon.




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