Tips for Spring Cleaning


Spring is just around the corner, even though the feet of snow we got in two days would like to say otherwise.  I think other than the warmth of summer, spring might be my favorite season. Its a season of change a season of fresh starts. I love to take some time each spring to clean out my closet and most importantly my make up drawers.  Today I want to share my process of freshening up my style for the warmer months.

flowers14Get an idea of the season’s trends: Magazines and even other bloggers have already started hinting to what this season has in store for fashion and beauty.  I like to get a sense of what’s coming and what trends I’m into.  I check out magazines and other bloggers, Pinterest and my favorite Instagram to get some inspiration.  I’ll save pictures and write down a list of items or looks I’d like to be able to wear and then I get to work.

Go through what you have: What I love about fashion is that everything comes back in style eventually.  I am somewhat of a style hoarder for this reason, so this is partially the reason every spring I take some time to go through what I have. When it comes to beauty it’s a little different, because my everyday makeup really doesn’t change too much but I am a sucker for a new product and a pretty package I try to go through all the half empty bottles and get them back into circulation.

save or toss

Say goodbye:  Going through your products it’s also a great time to get rid of the stuff that’s expired.  Each beauty product has a little image at the bottom with a number on it that tells you how many months it lasts.  This graphic will also give you an idea of how long you can keep a product. I find it so useful. Pro Tip: put a little bit of coconut oil in your cream eye shadows or liners if they have dried out to make them last a little longer.  But if it still crumbles you know you just need to say goodbye.

Clean your space: The most important part is to make sure you clean up the space you as you go.  I love to clear out my entire vanity, closet or dresser and clean the space top to bottom before putting things away.

Dig Deep:  When going through the beauty products you are keeping, I like to keep the products I want to use up in my vanity organizer.  I got this one at Target.  It keeps things right in front of you so you use them everyday.  With clothes when I clear out the dresser and after I wipe everything down I like to make three different piles, one for things to keep, one for GoodWill, and the other just to trash, if it has holes or a stain I just can’t get out I just say goodbye.  If it’s something even from winter that won’t make it through next year I typically just get ride of it.  I like to keep a running inventory of things from winter and for spring and summer in mind so I know what I need and what staples I already have.


What is your trick for a good spring clean?





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      Thank you! I’m so glad you liked them, I hope it helps! The top is from ASTR.

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