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Summer means sunny days and hanging at the beach.  What better company than a couple of your favorite authors?  To start my beach essentials series today’s post is all about some books I can’t put down this summer and other old favorites I always seem to reach for in the summer months.

beachbooks1Me Before you, I recently saw the movie adaptation of this lovely novel (who doesn’t want to just be bffs with Emelia Clark?) and I absolutely fell in love.  Lou the main character was so charming, and lovable and just such an inspiration for when times get hard to see how you can use positivity to bring joy to other’s lives. After seeing the movie I just had to pick up the book and it is absolutely perfect.

beachbooks7To keep with the positivity theme I really love 10% Happier by Dan Harris.  This book is about how using meditation and other stress reducing techniques to curb the negative voices and really make yourself 10% happier.  I love reading self help books in the summer when I’m feeling more motivated by the longer days and warmer weather.


On a lighter note
Nice Is Just a Place in France beachbooks3is a satire about women and being successful in life.  It’s very sarcastic and if you go in taking it seriously there’s a good changeyou may be a little offended.  The Betches are hilarious with their very relevant pop culture references and dry humor for a good chuckle at the beach I couldn’t recommend this book more.

My next two suggestions are two books by my all time favorite authors.  Diary by thebeachbooks6 brilliant Chuck Palahnuik and Flappers and Philosophers by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  Flappers and Philosophers is such an easy read, it’s a compliation of short stories set in the lavish roaring 20s very reminicent of his classic The Great Gastby these lovely stories are perfect for a day in the sun.  Diary is a little more of a serious read, Palahnuik loves to create mystery and leave his readers wanting more and second guessing their theories.  I love this small coastal town set story.

beachbooks10Finally, All the Summer Girls is definitely a summer read.  I love this book because it’s about three young women who are best friends spending a crazy summer in a New Jersey Beach town.  The setting itself is enough to make you want to read it while lying on your own beach.


I hope you enjoyed this list of books, which ones have you read?  What do you suggest I read next?





    • July 20, 2016 / 10:15 am

      It’s such a cute story and so easy to read!

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