The Art of Flat Lay

The flat lay trend has really taken off recently, everyone loves to share their style with this simple photography technique, but there really is an art to getting the perfect and aesthetically pleasing shot.

adore me bras.jpg

The basic rule of thirds is a must to understand, using this imaginary grid system when composing your image will help you create balance and flow to your image. Using a color theme of outfit style is always helpful to really make the image easy to look at. Create full outfits or partial outfits, add a textured background or keep it simple with a wood floor will also keep the focus on your pieces.


I am also a big fan of using accessories to also add my own personal style to a flat lay.  Folding the pieces lazily and throwing in a perfume, lipstick tube, or pair of sunnies really adds your own flare to the set.

Tumblr is a fantastic place to find some beautiful flat lays for inspiration but they have also found their way onto Instagram.  The lingerie company, Adore Me shares some beautiful flat lays of their sexy lingerie as well as bra and underwear sets on their Instagram.

Just like fashion itself there is no wrong way to create a flat lay, take a step back and play will the order until it feels right.  The flat lay just takes a little bit of practice but I think I will definitely be doing more of these for a unique way of sharing my style.


Have you created any of your own flat lays? Check out my very first flat lay work in my Winter Capsule Wardrobe post.



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