The Secret to Healthy Ice Blonde Hair

I’ve written about my hair a lot…. from protecting my hair from the summer heat to different shampoo and conditioner sets I’ve been trying. My hair is somewhat a part of what makes me who I am. As a young girl, I always dreamed of having long golden hair and still to this day it’s something I take pride in achieving. I try a lot of different products all the time and get a lot of question on how I achieve this color. So the day has come, I’m spilling my secrets to shiny healthy hair.

The Salon is your friend

To achieve a natural and healthy color it all starts with where you’re getting your hair done. It takes me a very long time to trust anyone to cute or color my hair. I am very picky and right now the only person I trust in my amazing and talented friend Rachael Renzi at Inspire Studio in Baldwinsville, NY (please move to Chicago soon!) It is so important to find a stylist who knows how to use color properly and can achieve lighter colors while still preserving the integrity of your hair. Bleach can be so damaging and your stylist should have products that will keep it healthy.

Purple Everything

to get a really icy color it is important to use purple toning shampoos and conditioners. If you don’t want to go as extreme at the very least a shampoo should be in your hair washing routine. I love the Blonde Ale by DryBar, and dark purple shampoo will give you a cooler tone. I go a little purple toner crazy and also use the Amika Bust Your Brass Violet Leave-In Foam. It’s a purple mousse you smooth through your hair before styling and I think this gives the cooler tones just a little extra boost.

Added Shine

Taking care of your color is just half the battle, if your color is right but your hair is dull and brittle it will fall flat. That’s why I always use an oil on my ends and some kind of heat protector product anytime I use heat on my hair. I also try to wash it maybe once a week and try to use a limited amount of dry shampoo. The less you wash your hair the better your hair will regulate the oils it produces on its own. In the winter time it’s hard but when the weather gets warmer I also try to let my hair air dry as often as possible.

Maskin’ Relaxin’

Along with caring for my hair I like to treat myself to a little self love each week. Once a week I do a hair mask, if I’m working from home I’ll spend all day with a moisturizing hair mask on my roots to the middle of my hair and then I use Olapelx on my ends to repair the damage using heat tools and bleaching can do. Or if I’m super busy I’ll do the same routine and sleep in it and then wash it out the next morning. This weekly treatment has done wonders for my hair lately and has made my hair stronger and healthier in these brutal winter months. I tend to get a lot of breakage in the winter having my hair wrapped in a scarf and in a hat tends to create knots and these masks have helped keep my hair silky smooth.

From the Inside

My final tip is to feed your hair the proper nutrients to keep it healthy. Along with treating the outside, you have to start on the inside. Every day I take the Hair Sweet Hair from Hum Nutrition. These delicious little gummies have Folic Acid, Biotin, Zinc and B12 to help support hair growth. If you want to try Hair Sweet Hair or any of my other favorite Hum Vitamins use the code 11D31B for $10 off your order!

What do you do to keep your hair healthy?

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