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NYE resolutionIt’s finally 2018!  New year, new you guys! I for one have felt like 2017 has been a very trying year, but I also think I have grown and learned a lot from this year.  I feel like I’ve matured a lot this past year, becoming more politically and business minded. Last year I feel as though I was still trying to figuring out my life and my blog alone.  2017 has taught me that if you are passionate about something you need to make sacrifices and invest a little to become even more successful. With my new found knowledge and a plan for success for 2018, there are just a few things I feel like need to get done to really start the year off right.


2018 resolutions




First I love a good wardrobe clear out.  I usually do one in the new year and then again in the late spring right before summer. I like going through all the clothes that I don’t wear this season particularly.  If I haven’t reached for it yet it’s just cluttering up my life. Get rid of clothes with holes, rips, or stains.  If it needs mending ask yourself if you’ll really get it fixed if the answer is no then to get rid of it.  I am also a really big hoarder of jewelry and try to go through that and just get rid of earrings with missing mates

If you’re a fashion lover like me you probably got a couple new pieces for the holidays I love coming home from the holidays and doing a massive wardrobe clear out.  I try to make myself follow the one in one out rule.  For however many pieces you got that’s how many pieces need to be gotten rid of. I just think starting the new year off with less clutter and a fresh wardrobe is such a great feeling.



New Year Resolutions 2018




Along with clothes, it’s so important to start the year off with a fresh supply of makeup.  Toss any makeup that you’ve had for more than 6 months.  Makeup typically expires in about half a year so it’s not good to use.  Along with expired makeup and skincare I also like to go through the shadows and lipsticks I really don’t see myself wearing for more than once a year. If it’s something super trendy it’s not worth keeping.

Because it’s 2018 it’s time to start your year fresh with planning.  I LOVE buying a new planner for the beginning of the year.  There’s something really inspiring about opening a completely blank diary and thinking about all the exciting adventures and plans you can put in it.  I’m really obsessed with the Day Designer diaries.  They are so beautifully made and because I’m a list maker how she laid it out is so perfect.








Finally, not only should you start the year off by taking care of whats around you, you should also take care of your body.  Because seasonal depression is a serious thing I have been trying to take B12 vitamins to try to fight that feeling.  As you also may know from my previous posts, I am really in love with HUM’s weight supplements.  Skinny Bird is the best appetite suppressant I have ever tried.  I also really love their 30-day packs.  They have a detox and a beauty pack.  In the box, they presort your vitamins for the day in cute little packets.  You can easily throw these into your bag on your way out the door and HUM’s packaging is so cute and colorful it’s hard to forget them.  If you want to try HUM I have a coupon code: 11D31B for $10 off your first order!


How are you preparing for 2018?





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