Things You Should Never Regret


I like to think all my life I’ve been a pretty sensible person, always making the responsible or safe choice throughout life.  But as any young person, I have had my fair share of impulsive choices.  I like to always live by the phrase “better an oops than a what if” and sometimes those decisions don’t have the best outcome but with every decision, I have always found that something good comes from it, even if it takes some time to recover.  I think your 20s are the years you are supposed to experiment and take risks and learn from your mistakes so here are 6 life choices you should never regret.


Those Ex-boyfriends

As much as we would like to regret and forget these relationships we should never regret past relationships that have ended.  I think they are some of the best experiences you’ll live through.  I have definitely dated my fair share of guys I thought were everything I wanted and then quickly realized we weren’t right.  These are experiences you learn so much about yourself as well as what you’re looking for in a partner.  Whether the relationship ended poorly or not you should never regret loving that person or having them be part of your life.  They taught you more than you would have not having them.


Your Fashion Evolution

I wish I had more pictures of some of my high school outfit choices.  I think I’ve committed every crime against fashion imaginable but honestly as much as I cringe at the thought of some of the things I wore it taught me so much about who I am and to take risks with everything in life.  I love fashion so much, I have preached over and over about how it’s such a great way to express yourself but it truly is such an art form and being able to be adventurous with my style taught me that I don’t have to conform in life for anything.


Not Pursuing that High School Dream

As many kids do, I wanted to be just about anything, a ballerina, veterinarian and even in high school I wanted to work in the music industry.  Along with never regretting wanting those things not pursuing them is something I will never regret.  As I did research into the music industry in high school and was very adamant about attending a school with a music business program I found myself also looking into schools with traditional business programs, I later found myself really interested in studying Marketing and I found a profession I am incredibly fond of.  If it weren’t for my decision to study business I wouldn’t have been able to learn more about consumer behavior, something I find fascinating, as well as Sports Marketing which ties really well with the music industry and the entertainment industry.  I also don’t think my blog would be what it is today if I hadn’t been given the opportunity to study all the different aspects of a business. I am so thankful for my decision to think a little broader about my education and keep my options open.


Those Drunken Nights 

Now, this does come with the disclaimer of only if they are few between.  But we’ve all been there, we’ve all had just a little bit too much and our night took a turn for the worst.  But instead of regretting those nights they are some great learning experience.getoff8

Spontaneous Trips getoff28.jpg

Since college, I have loved planning a quick and spontaneous trip and have tried to plan them more frequently recently.  These trips don’t have to be lavish trips across the country like I did last weekend but they can be a quick day trip to a neighboring town or a spontaneous trip for a concert.  They may not be totally well thought out but the challenge of making plans on the fly is what gives you the best stories.


Today tattoos are becoming more and more common in the workforce and people with them are respected at face value more often, mind you the tattoos content also plays a large role in this.  So get the tattoo you have been planning.  Tattoos are such a personal and meaningful experience and are a great way to hold the pieces of time in your life.  I love every single one of my tattoos and the meaning they have for me.  They might not be someone else’s cup of tea but the experience, the artist who inked them and the image themselves have so many stories.





Quitting a Job

Finally quitting a job that isn’t filling you with joy something that you aren’t excited and passionate about every day is really depressing.  So making the decision to quit may be scary but something you should never regret. Being so young you have to follow your passions while you still can, be smart but never regret that feeling of unrest and doing something about it.

Have you ever made any of these decisions? 


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