Top Four Tips for Traveling

Germany was quite the trip, the countryside was beautiful and it was so exciting to get the opportunity to see the towns that shaped the start of my life.  We had some hiccups with travel on our way home, our flight out of Frankfurt was late and we missed our flight home so we had to take a little pitstop in Iceland for the night before finishing our adventure.  But even with this little travel challenge, our trip was absolutely spectacular.  Today I wanted to share some tips for planning a stress-free holiday.

Set Travel Intentions Instead of Plans

My number one trip, and I tell everyone this is set intentions, but don’t make solid plans!  I like to do a little bit of research on cool places to see in the area and just make a list, you don’t have to pick what you’re doing each day ahead of time.  Weather can be so unpredictable and can really change your plans.  While we were in Germany we had some really rainy days so we kind of planned our boat trip and the castle excursions around the rain.  If all else fails make sure you pack clothes for any weather scenario.


Don’t Stress About Clothes – Wear What You Want

When researching where you’re going clothing and style is always something I personally spend a lot of time planning, not because I need to but because I enjoy it.  You’ll read blog posts about the tourist faux pas you need to avoid to not stick out, there are so many apparent rules on what you can and can’t wear.  But actually what I’ve learned is you can really wear what you want.  Of course, your old college t-shirts or the American sports teams logos will definitely make you stand out as a tourist a bit more, but the old “no sneakers” rule is totally no more.



My tips for packing, at least for a summer trip is to pack dresses (if you like wearing them of course) I love pairing my dresses with a cute pair of sneakers, you can walk everywhere comfortably and stay very on trend.  If dresses aren’t your thing, shorts or capris with versatile tops is the way to go.  Also…layers.  The forecast when packing could drastically change when you are finally in the country.  I was so happy I packed the extra jacket I did for Germany because I ended up wearing it every day.

Pamper Yourself On the Plane

This is a fun one.  As I’m sure you have seen, Influencers LOVE the old airplane facemask, and I’m here to tell you they are on to something.  I make sure to pack my favorite eye mask or sheet mask in my carry on, once I get on the plane I use makeup wipes to freshen up my face or remove any makeup I put on.  Then a little later into the flight I like to put on the mask, around the in-flight drink service I will take it off and put on a night cream or very rich and hydrating moisturizer.  As you know airplane air is very dry and will dry out your skin, so drinking water and using a rich moisturizer will give your skin that pick me up before you land.

Stay In An Airbnb or HomeAway

Finally, stay with the locals, if you book an Airbnb or HomeAway, I think this is the best way to get some of the best recommendations for food and things to see and they also have insider tips on how to get around and protips for the attractions.  In Germany the family who owned the home we stayed in lived right behind the unit, they would buy us baked goods at the bakery in the morning and had plenty of literature on all the attractions and were so eager to help us have the best experience.

What is one thing you do everytime you travel?







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