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The last month or so has been so incredibly crazy and exciting in terms of the blog.  For something that just started out as a hobby for a social media obsessed college sophomore to now something I like to consider a budding business I am really excited for all the opportunities and experiences Dollface Diaries has given me.  I think regardless of where life takes you there are a few things every person should do and remember as success finds them in life.


wall12First, always be grateful for everything that comes to you in life.  I think positivity and gratitude are some of the most important traits a person can have and when you share them with the people around you good things will come back to you.

Never ever give up on your dreams or let people tell you you will never achieve what you set out to do.  Disney made all those movies for a reason people!  If it couldn’t be done Disney wouldn’t have a single story to tell.  Remember the road traveled may be hard but never give up.


This one is really important and something I really consciously have to tell myself to do.  It’s set clear and achievable goals I do this for work, for my blog, and for my everyday life.  If you set yourself big goals, write them down and work everyday to achieve them clearly you are becoming successful.  I really like to set short goals that will lead me to my ultimate year end goal.  Because I’m quite hard on myself and get discouraged really easily these shorter quick goals give me the motivation to keep going.

To go along with never giving up always remember to be flexible in your path to your goals, and teach yourself new things everyday. Life is always changing and sometimes things definitely don’t go as planned. Constantly gaining knowledge and keeping your mind sharp can help you problem solve and come up with new ways of thinking about any situation. Think of those days as a fun puzzle on how to get back on track to your success



Nothing good is easy, sometimes we like to think that everything should just go as planned but typically the really good things are the ones you had to fight really hard to achieve. Make time, commit and keep pushing for every one of your goals.  Don’t settle, and definitely don’t wait for things to come to you.  I think if you want something now push to make it happen.  Challenge yourself and the situation.

Helping others is also such a great way to become successful, not only do you feel incredible for lending a hand and seeing how your positivity and generosity can really turn someone else’s day around but you also gain even more knowledge in human interaction as well as the skill you are doing.  I think my favorite part of my day job is being able to mentor newer employees in my position. Not only am I helping them become more comfortable in their day to day and gaining knowledge of short cuts or past experience but I’m also growing as a teacher and really having to break down a task that sometime I do without thinking. 


Finally, love what you do everyday.  Don’t take for granted the things you’ve achieved and be proud of your accomplishments no one else can say they’ve done everything you have. 

What are your goals for this year?



    • August 23, 2016 / 8:09 am

      Thank you so much Lady! I am so in love with this top I could live in it. 🙂

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