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I don’t know about anywhere else but spring is taking her sweet time getting up to Central New York.  We recently got a huge snow storm and Jack Frost has decided to stick around a little longer.  But this hasn’t stopped my wardrobe from turning over and some of my favorite spring and summer pieces from making an appearance. jump17Jumpsuits: I think jumpsuits are my favorite trend this season, I think they are so fun and easy.  Like the bodysuit its really it’s own statement.  I love this one from Loft and couldn’t wait to wear it.  I paired it with a tight fitting sweater but I also think a cute turtleneck would give any jumpsuit a warmer feel.

Shorts: Who wants to leave their shorts and skirts in the back of your closet for 6 months… I finally decided to break them out for some of the nicer days.  Fishnet tights are a great way to give any look an edgy feel.  Add a sweater or basic tee with long or short sleeves to make this look day appropriate.


jump2Maxi Skirts: As you know maxi skirts are my favorite summer staple. They are so easy to wear, versatile, and comfortable. So of course I wanted to find a way to wear my skirts all year long.  I like layering tights under these as well and throw a cropped sweater on top.  This gives an element of femininity to your favorite sweater.  With this trend you want to keep your sweater tighter, the maxi skirt is so loose that you don’t want to look like you’re swimming in your outfit.

Off the Shoulder Tops: Next to maxi skirts, off the shoulder tops have been a staple for me.  I love how effortless this trend is.  For my off the shoulder cold weather looks I go for a long sleeve option with a pair of jeans and my favorite booties.  You get the sweet summer vibes and you wont freeze to death.

What are your favorite spring trends you can’t wait to wear?





  1. March 27, 2017 / 8:07 pm

    You look amazing in this jumpsuit! Love your transition tricks! 💕

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