Transitional Summer Fashion Trends 2020

This week ends with the first of August… I’m just gonna let that sink in. Can’t believe it? Yeah, me neither. I just feel like I had so many travel plans and things I wanted to see and most importantly wear this summer that I feel like I haven’t gotten the chance. But we still have at least one or two more good months of summer weather and there are some summer trends that I have been absolutely obsessed with that I wanted to share. Luckily they can also seamlessly transition into autumn with a simple jacket, bootie, or even a chunky sweater to get your money’s worth.


I have been so obsessed with the silk trend this summer. I jumped on the silk slip dress trend and found the most beautiful silk skirt at Aritzia that I wear almost weekly. My new favorite wrap dress is even a silk material. There is something so sexy about silk, and it’s so easy to dress up or down. I especially love a silk slip dress, wear it with a pair of trainers with a knotted t-shirt for a casual look. Then switch the tennis shoes for heels and the t-shirt for either bare arms or if you’re like me and always cold a light crochet sweater, and you’re ready for a beautiful night out (or sexy date night in).

Wrap Dresses

As I mentioned above, I found my new favorite wrap dress ever, and it’s featured on this post, this beauty fits like a dream, and the neutral color is so perfect, and I love the quirky print. As a petite lady wrap dresses are truly our best friend. Even as a midi or a maxi style being able to wrap the waist to flatter our figure is the beauty of a wrap dress. They are the foolproof dress for any body type.

Crochet Bags

I think every summer my inner 60s flower child comes out. Most of my summer wardrobe consists of floaty bohemian maxi dresses and vintage accessories. One I’ve been living in lately is a crochet bag my mom gave me from the 60s. These crochet bags are the perfect summer bag. They come in all different shapes and sizes with cute short handles or can be worn crossbody, but they are light and great to add an effortless and bohemian vibe to any outfit.

Sunglasses Chains

Ok, where my grandma’s at? I’m actually in love with this trend. When it first popped up last year during Fashion month I questioned it. But this summer I am fully embracing it I think they’re so fun and add a little flair to any pair of sunglasses. I don’t often stray too far from my oversized and black sunglasses so I feel like sunglasses chains allow me to change up my sunglasses without stepping out of my box.

Paper Bag Waist Shorts

It’s no secret I love a high waist on just about any bottom I wear. It has to sit above my belly button for me to feel comfortable. Along with things having to sit high on my hips I also find myself stepping away from your typical jean short. I have been loving linen shorts and more sophisticated fabrics but I’ve also been loving the paper bag waist, I think there’s something so unique about how this adds a unique shape to a pair of shorts. Usually, there’s a tie or belt element that just gives the outfit a little personality. I love how depending on the color and the fabric they can be worn on a casual day on a boat with a swimsuit or dressed up with a top and blazer for the office. Throw on some tights and they can follow you into fall

One-Piece Swimsuits

The old swimsuit bodysuit trick. I feel like many of us have been doing this for so long but it’s a tried and true outfit hack. One-piece swimsuits are one of the hottest trends this summer with some of the most beautiful necklines. I have been loving plunging v necklines, the corset style tops, and high neck halters in my swimsuits and these fits transition beautifully into the perfect bodysuit. For fall pair your swimsuit with a pair of jeans and heels for a date or socially distanced cocktail with a friend or with a skirt for your errands.

Puff Sleeves

My usual go-to outfit is very feminine so that’s why this summer I loved the puff sleeve trend. It’s such a sweet and girly look, and come in all different styles for everyone. It’s not just about those cute puffy shoulders you can also create drama with the balloon sleeve, these sleeves can be worn on a dress or a top my suggestion is to keep the rest of the look very simple and if it’s a top make sure your bottom is fitted to let the sleeves be the statement.

Baby Doll Dress

Baby doll dresses have been an obsession of mine for quite some time. Again, I love clothes that are loose-fitting and floaty in the summertime and this was the summer for the baby doll fit. Now if you aren’t too sure what these are usually they are wider loose-fitting mini dresses but have an empire waist of a waistline that sits really high, like right under the chest. This might be one of my favorite styles of dress to wear because of how girly it is. Right now I’ve been wearing my baby doll dresses with Keds and flats but in the fall throw them on with a pair of combat boots for a little bit of edge to a girly look.


Last but certainly not least green has been one of my favorite colors to wear this season. I’m usually a pretty neutral girl, I love whites and nudes in the summer and black and grey in the fall and winter. But this year I’ve been drawn to pieces in shades of green. I think green looks good on just about anyone and there are so many beautiful shades to pick from right now that you can’t lose. Neon is still really big this season so trying out a daring neon green or if you’re more feminine there are some beautiful pieces in a sea foam or pastel green and transitioning into the fall I’m in love with a deep olive green.

What is your favorite summer trend you can’t get enough of?


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