Trend Alert: Moto Boots

moto boots

Shoes… if you’ve been to my apartment you know I have three closets that house my clothing collection. I have a pretty extensive wardrobe I will say. but nothing rivals my love of pretty dresses more than my love of shoes and lately particularly boots. Tall boots, over the knee boots, booties, and everything in between. The boot trend that was all the rage this past fashion month and will definitely carry us all through the fall and winter was the moto or combat trend. Those chunky, edgy boots with wide rubber souls. Usually, they lace up but can also be Chelsea style slip-on. They will come in many different colors and fabrics and can even be embellished with grommets and buckles to add a little flare. This is definitely a favorite trend for me because as so many of you know I love to mix trends and styles, and this is a fantastic way to add a little grunge and edge to an otherwise feminine look. So I want to know what your favorite piece is in my suggestions and if you’d ever wear a pair of moto boots?


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  1. November 8, 2019 / 8:23 am

    I work in NYC and I always see people wearing chunky moto boots on my commute! They look so comfy and are going to perfect once it starts snowing!

    Xo Logan

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