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I have been watching my weather app like a crazy person these last few weeks.  I get a flutter in my stomach seeing the forecast at around 70 for most of the week, and I want to run outside on days like this past Saturday when it was in the 80s.  The trees outside my apartment window are finally budding and spring has officially sprung. Everyone in Chicago has been saying over and over, “wait for summer, the city is the best in the summer” so in an effort to get in summer mode here are a few things I’m doing to embrace this beautiful spring weather and prepare for what’s ahead.

Buy Yourself Flowers

The easiest way to bring spring into your home is to buy yourself flowers.  Not only does this empower you, and make you feel really special but they also make your home smell so fresh.  I love buying a big bouquet and spreading them out throughout my house.  I absolutely love the Farmgirl arrangements, they use seasonal flowers to create the most beautiful bouquets that change regularly. You can also find some beautiful and affordable wildflower arrangements at your local grocery store or you can get your flowers delivered by subscription services like BloomsyBox or Bouqs

Plant Some Herbs

Another great way to embrace spring and bring life to your home is to plant some herbs.  They are really easy to take care of and bonus, you can also use them in your cooking!  I personally love having a pot of basil and mint in my house, they smell so delicious.  and can be kept in a pretty small pot.  If you have the room get a small window box and fill it with all different choices!

Spring Cleaning

This may seem like a no-brainer but Spring Cleaning is my favorite way to get into the spirit of spring.  I find myself feeling so uninspired by my wardrobe by the end of spring and find it really difficult to put together outfits I enjoy.  But by going through your clothes and even just switching out your lighter weight clothes to the front of your closet can be very inspiring.  Before moving I went through a bunch of my clothes so reorganizing my new closet with my spring clothes at my fingertips has really gotten me excited about the warmer weather.

Buy a New Sundress

After going through your closet and organizing your spring pieces you can get a sense of where there might be holes and what new items you want to pick up.  My personal favorite thing to buy each spring is a new spring sundress.  a floaty mini dress can really brighten up any wardrobe and are so versatile.  I am currently loving anything florals (groundbreaking I know) and red is definitely a color I’ve been gravitating to.  I love wearing my little sundresses with sneakers during the day or a sweet little kitten heel, sandals and you can throw a denim jacket on top for those colder days or evenings out.

Self Tan

Spring is that awkward season where some days its warm enough to wear shorts but you REALLY don’t want to share your very pale legs with the world.  So I turn to Loving Tan to get my perfect summer glow without having to build up that tan.  Their formula is beautiful and has an amazing color guide that allows you to see where you’ve applied the product for a streak-free tan. I love their tanning mouse as well as their Bronze Shimmer to give you even more glow.  I apply the shimmer to the fronts of my legs to really make them look long and glowing.

Sit in the Park with a Book

Finally, on those beautiful sunny days make sure you get outside and soak up that Vitamin D you’ve been deprived of.  Go to a nearby park with your favorite book.  I love listening to the wind rustle through the trees it really gets me excited for all the new growth ahead.  Because I just moved to Chicago I am so excited for this excuse to also explore more neighborhoods.  If you’re not much of a reader but still want to get out I also suggest listening to a book through Audible!  They have tons of different titles and some amazing narrators to some of your favorite titles.  It’s just like mum reading your childhood books only it could be Toby Maguire reading The Great Gatsby instead…

What are your favorite ways to welcome spring?

Images by Michael Fye


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