What To Wear For Your 2021 Zoom Meetings

New year… new me. I, as I’m sure many others have, started a new job mid pandemic. I was lucky enough to be picked up by a company out in Seattle, Washington, and after five months of work still haven’t gotten to meet my team in person. The only way they’ve gotten to know me is a tiny video box in a sea of videos on their zoom screen. Prior to the pandemic, you can ask any coworker from any company I’ve been at to confirm, I liked to dress up. One day I’d come in, in a total badass business lady look with heels and all, the next would be a cute dress and tights, or a summer floaty boho number. My office was my runway on the daily. But when my office is sometimes my couch and the only person seeing my outfit is my reflection I’ve found myself slacking on the effort.

But in 2021 I wanted to give my new coworkers a better idea of who I am, and my personality through the clothes I wear in my zoom calls. So here are some ways you can inspire yourself to get dressed in the morning and show off your personality in your 5×5 square.

Statement Jewelry

Since they aren’t seeing much more than the chest up I like to make my statement in some cool accessories. Try a cool chunky enamel earring or some layered necklaces over a turtleneck I think accessories can elevate any look and really make you look polished. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. After you’re dressed my rule is to look in the mirror and take one thing off.

Statement Shoulders or Sleeve

I hope you’re seeing a trend here… It’s to make a statement. But you don’t have to slap your coworkers in the face with your outfit. I love using unique silhouette to show off my personality. Whether it’s a bell or balloon sleeve or a cool statement shoulder on a blouse or sweater. You can still look professional and sleek for a client meeting and still show a bit of who you are.


Let’s step away from the graphic T-shirts or maybe the college sweatshirt and into come chic prints. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a versatile plaid. I love wearing plaid pants or you can go a little bit more casual with a plaid flannel and a neutral slack. I’ve also been loving some dainty dots, florals, and some cool vintage prints with equestrian vibes or toile. Your print doesn’t have to be over the top or super bright and loud to make a statement.

Bold Colors (even eyeliner)

If prints aren’t your thing, some bold colors can be a great way to stand out in your zoom call. Bright reds, olive greens, golden yellows, navy blues, and purple are great colors to try out this season. If you want a more subtle pop of color for your team meeting try out a colored cat eye. I love using bold liquid liners or creating an ombre liner to change things up and make my makeup more fun. Of course, a good bold lip is also another great way to add some color to a neutral outfit. If you’re not going anywhere you don’t have to worry about your mask ruining your lipstick!

Hair Accessories

Back in the spring I back into hair accessories. As a young girl I always loved doing my hair, I had millions of clips, and bows, scrunchies, and headbands. In the last few months, I have really gotten back into utilizing hair accessories in my looks. I love stacking enamel hair clips, pulling my hair back in a bow, or finishing a look off with a hat or a headband. You can do so much with scarves, clips, scrunchies, and bows to make your hairstyle unique and also get those bangs you impulsively decided to cut out of your face as they grow out…


Finally, if you need to really elevate your look I highly suggest a classic blazer. I have one in every neutral color but you can still make a statement with a strong color or chic pattern on your blazer. Layer a black turtleneck under a bold red blazer to keep the attention of your team.

Just like a day in the office you have to know your audience and your venue. If these are just casual meetings for quick updates you can be more bold or adventurous if you’re leading a client meeting or training for new team members a statement print might not be your best choice. Remember being at home there are a million distractions at their fingertips don’t let your outfit be yet another keeping their focus from the message you’re trying to portray. But remember it’s a new year and it’s never too late to try something new and get excited about dressing up again.


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