What’s been going on?

So it’s definitely been a while… Every time I sit down and try to write a blog post, I’m hit with the most discouraging writer’s block. Lately, I’ve been asking myself if blogging is really something I enjoy doing anymore. Since the start of the pandemic, my life as a blogger feels like it has been flipped upside down and I haven’t felt like I wanted to talk about much these days. I don’t want to give you advice on what to buy or things to add to your house because there are still millions of people living without jobs and can barely pay their bills. I honestly have been fearful of going to restaurants, and feel insensitive also giving people the green light to sit in restaurants while servers risk their lives and their family’s lives to feed people’s needs for some kind of normality when we just aren’t living a normal life yet.

Because of the state of Chicago and my new job being remote, I’ve also taken advantage of the opportunity to travel and have been spending some significant time in Charlotte, NC to have some companionship. My mental health has been something I’ve been taking a lot of time to focus on since the start of the pandemic, and I’ve realized that being alone and the lockdown really did wear on me. Shooting and my normal routine with travel have been difficult to figure out, and I think that also plays into my struggle to blog again.

So I guess today this is my way of getting it all out there. I want to hear what you want from the blogs you read? Are you looking for someone to talk about politics and their opinions on the world? Do you want the “regularly scheduled” content of sharing things I’m loving or products I’m buying? Do you want future travel inspiration? When my blog feels like a place people don’t feel so alone, and somewhere they can go to get help that’s what makes this fulfilling. Hopefully, this post, as short as it is can be a way to get things back on track. I love this space, it’s taken many years to create it, and I want it to continue to bring me and others joy. So let me know what you’re interested in seeing, let’s chat, reach out to me on Instagram, and let’s reconnect.


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