What’s in my Bag? – Autumn Addition


Hello Lovlies!  Finally had my first weekend home with nothing to do so my friend and I decided to take a little Autumn prep shopping trip!  I am not even close to ready to let summer go but the darker colors and slouchy sweaters are kinda easing me into the season.   But with clothes changing I was thinking about how the products I have in my purse change as well.  So today I have for you a few products that live in my purse for the Autumn months.

Of course every season requires a pair of sunnies, and as you know I like mine big… but in the summer months I find myself being more daring with fun colors and shapes. But Autumn seems to shift back into my big heavy black frames.


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Next essential has to be a fun scented hand sanitizer, flu season is coming and people are starting to get sick so protecting myself from germs is very important so I can keep from getting sick.  Tossing a little hand sanitizer in your purse is a great way to disinfect easily when you’re on the go.


As the seasons cycle my nails become very brittle in the colder months so I keep a small nail file in my purse for those unexpected moments when my nail breaks. I can’t tell you how thankful I’ve been when I’ve been out and feel a snag in my nail and remembered this little beauty is in my bag.


Next, each season I like to change up the scents I’m wearing.  Of course you all know for Summer I was loving the Replica Beach Walk and will probably be wearing that one all year but recently on those chilly morning I’m reaching for the Replica Lazy Sunday Morning instead.  It has such a crisp and light scent I feel really calms me and helps me relax.


Last essential is, of course, a berry or dark lipstick.  Currently there are probably 5 tubes in my purse because I just couldn’t wait to pop these colors on my lips again.  I don’t know what it is about fall and my dark lipsticks but they just make sense.  And somehow my purse is a lipstick magnet at any given time I can have around 10 lipsticks in my purse and of course one of them will definitely be a darker color.


I hope you enjoyed this list!  What products live in your handbag during the Autumn months?



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