Winter Blues


This time of year can be really really difficult.  I feel like as the snow falls, it becomes more and more difficult to stay positive and happy.  We as so often focused on the negatives that we never really think about all the good we have in life.  

I’m not fit

You can sit on the couch all day and complain about the pounds you gain in the winter eating all the comfort food, I for one am very guilty of feeling this way in the winter but what it really takes is self control and strength.  You really need to just set your mind to a meal plan or a healthier life choice and really stick to it.  I also think the help sweater9from friends and family are key to something like this.  Ask your friend who’s a vegetarian for some great recipes to try or even have a friend try to change their eating habits with you.  Change is easier when you have support. Also, find a way to exercise that you love.  Try new things, I personally love doing Aerial silks, but dancing in your living room, swimming, rock climbing or even lifting weights are all great ways to get fit.  If you enjoy it you are more likely to continue doing it and go more frequently.

I don’t have a model figure

Having a model figure is something that not many people can obtain, some of those women are just born that way, others work very very hard to stay that fit.  If that is something you want to achieve know it will take some work but with a little motivation sweater2you can do anything you sent your mind too, you also have to remember no one is perfect, not even those models.  They can be your motivation to get fit but you have to know what’s healthy and know they have their bad days too.  Everyone is human.

All I do is work

I feel this way quite often, especially this time of year.  It can be so difficult to wake up before the sun and get out of work and it’s already dark.  Just remember to make time for yourself.  Even if it’s vegging out on the couch for a couple hours and watching your favorite tv show, getting into one of those meditation coloring books or even starting your own blog.  Finding a way to express yourself and get away from the work mindset is the best way to stay happy.

I’m not successful

I am constantly feeling like I can’t get ahead.  There is a laundry list of things I want to buy and do and I never feel like I have enough time and money to do so.  Also, as humans we are constantly comparing ourselves to our peers or people we look up to and it can be so easy to get lost in that and never feel like you are getting anywhere.  You just have to take a step away and think about what you do have compared to what you had before.sweater6  Keep your goals in mind, where you want to be, yet make sure you don’t get discouraged and keep where you’ve come from in mind.  I love keeping a journal of my thoughts day to day.  At the end of the year you can take a look back and see just how far you’ve come.  The Passion Planner is also a great year in review tool. You can keep notes each week and reflect on the month, by the end it’s a great way to see just what you accomplished.


I never have time to do anything

This is somewhat related to feeling like you’re constantly working.  Being able to leave work at work is a hard task but in order to have any kind of work/life balsweater7ance you need to be conscious of the amount of work you do when you go home, and especially
on the weekends.  Taking time for you and your friends and family is really important so you aren’t burnt out and unhappy in your job.



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